Why so many blacks in ads?

One morning at breakfast I said to my wife, “Does T.J. Maxx especially cater to blacks?”

“Not that I know of. Why?”

“Well, they have a big ad in the paper showing two black women.”

“That’s not unusual. Lots of ads do that.”

“Yes, that’s what I’m noticing. Why do you suppose they do that?”

We are often told that America is still a fundamentally racist society. Not all, or even most, Trump voters are racist. But his campaign did push racist buttons, and racial resentments and anxieties did play a big role. A lot of less educated working class whites were voting against minorities – with a feeling they’re getting more than their due (to the detriment of those whites), and that a less white America is a worse America.

Yet since I noticed that T.J. Maxx ad, I’ve made a point of tallying blacks in ads and commercials. And in fact they are way overrepresented, relative to their 13+% population share. I even saw one TV ad with a white couple whose child looked kind of black. Of course, if you show a bunch of folks, you want to include some minorities. But what about ads with only one or two people, like T.J. Maxx’s? Let me offer a theory.

If this were indeed a racist society, where white people basically dislike, resent, and shun blacks, presumably no business would want to feature blacks in its ads. The purpose of advertising is to make a brand attractive. Advertisers must calculate that black faces actually do that.

Of course, the blacks shown in (modern) ads are not disadvantaged stereotypes; far from it, they are instead middle class people, speaking plain middle class English (not ethnic dialect), shown in typical middle class activities.

And while these ads don’t specifically target black customers, they certainly don’t target less educated working class Trumpites. That’s not at all the consumer demographic advertisers want to reach; those people are just disregarded. Instead, for a lot of ads, the target audience is better educated, more affluent and, especially, younger consumers. (Indeed, the content of some ads today must baffle older Archie Bunker viewers. Some baffle even me.) That yuppie demographic is where the consumer-spending money is. And for them, blackness is actually attractive; connoting coolness, hipness, with-it-ness, knowing what’s going on. Not inferior but superior. And to this demographic, an America fully integrating blacks is a better America. Putting them in ads hence creates a positive buzz.

Yet this is just one more way in which America is dividing into two very different cultures inhabiting the same body politic. How long can this split personality endure?


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  1. All My Guts and Soul Says:

    Hi Frank,

    I don’t care to venture a guess as to why you see more people of color in advertising. I leave that to the advertising experts and the people paying for the advertising. You are entitled to have curiosity regarding this. I do want to respectfully let you know what I think about a few things you have written.

    Accepted language changes frequently, so maybe you aren’t aware that the term “blacks” is derogatory. The preferred term is “people of color,” which could also refer to people of Latin, Indian, Arab, Native American descent, etc. Simply “black people” would also be acceptable. I find it disheartening that you feel the need to defend a non-racist portrayal of this country or a voting constituency of this country, but your reaction is not uncommon among white people. No one likes to be judged, especially in a negative light. I know I’ve had a few defensive reactions myself over racism.

    I’m trying to let go of my defensiveness and be open to understanding from other points of view. Currently, I am very clear that being white has allowed me more privilege than a person of color. I have benefited from a long history of the subjugation of people of color. Not only are the lives of people of color affected negatively by white supremacy (I know it’s a hard term to accept, but it is accurate and honest), but the lives of white people and every person on the planet are affected by it.

    It is a high learning curve for white people, but there are plenty of resources available for us to learn from. I know that I am a racist because I have benefited from racism. I will always be a racist, but hopefully a racist that continues to take action to dismantle white supremacy.

    As for the split personality – I’m having difficulty viewing that from your perspective, but I do believe Americans are split on many aspects in a form of cognitive dissonance – racism being one, especially considering the time people spend denying it.


  2. Roger Green Says:

    Here’s a different take from me: if they had all white people, you might not have noticed at all. Not that it’d be racist, but “normal.”

    Oh, and I reject the notion that the term black is derogatory. People of color is far less descriptive if what you mean are African-Americans.

  3. All My Guts and Soul Says:

    African-American is also not accurate. Many dark-skinned Americans are descendants of places other than Africa.

  4. Roger Green Says:

    Historically, most the people who are considered black at one point had ancestors from sub-Saharan Africa. But it’s not a term I like either because not all blacks in the US are from America.

  5. Sylvia Barnard Says:

    I get a lot of things from the UK and they also over-represent dark-skinned people. A lot of the stuff I get from both countries features colleges and universities, independent schools, intellectual trips and tours, the UK National Trust,Episcopal/Anglican churches and church activities, you get the picture, and my sense is that it is a message to dark-skinned people that they are welcome to participate in whatever it is. My dark-skinned friends indicate that it is not always clear to them whether they will be actually welcomed here or there or whether there are unverbalised barriers even today but the pix tell them that the school, church, club or whatever, even if it’s still almost lily-white, wants to change.

  6. Lee Says:

    I am thinking that comparing the fraction of ads with people of color to the fraction of the population is not quite right. This is advertising, not an allocation of resources. If seeing someone “like me” is a way to get me to buy then companies get more bang for the buck if they feature all major population groups, in roughly equal proportions. All people will see people like themselves and want to buy!

  7. K.l. Asher Says:

    It’s about impossible to find a commercial for security-alarm service without a black spokesperson and white criminals. FBI stats will tell you a different story.

  8. Bruce Haas Says:

    Forgive me. My bias as an over-educated Trump supporter (MBA, career included marketing and advertising and research) may be a problem for you. As a conscientious, growing, practicing follower of Jesus Christ I have a personal spiritual mandate to see all my fellow humans as creations of our Creator God, and until they prove otherwise, they are to have my love and respect.

    Granted I have not conducted any scientific study of this and related issues. However, if I did my hypothesis to prove or disprove would include the following: 1) Blacks are overrepresented in commercials of all types for all products and services in America. 2) Women as the head of household and/or the “brains of the outfit” are overrepresented. and 3) Biracial relationships with a black male paired with a white female are overrepresented, and 4) children are most often shown to be dominant characters, especially when a white male is part of the presentation. The same will apply to Government advertisement as the private sector.

    Urban liberal advertising agency powers are still directing ad content and money to buy ad campaigns, so this should be no surprise.

    However, are they risking a backlash? Are they fomenting a bit of “reverse racism” and unnecessary divisiveness?

  9. Roger Green Says:

    I want to understand Mr. Haas’ point. If there were fewer People in Color in ads, would this avoid a backlash? Or would having POC NOT seeing themselves have them draw the conclusion that the product/service is not for them? .

  10. Chris M. Says:

    Bruce, you are spot on. I feel like the media is (again) shoving a agenda down our throats. I went to my bank (Union Bank) the other day and they had 4 financial brochures on display. Three had black people and one had white. This is not unusual at all. What about Asians and Latinos? I do want diversity in all but let’s try and let it be a little natural.

  11. Rich Says:

    If a person from eastern or central Europe would come to are country for a vacation and after seeing tv ads, newspaper ads he or she would think America is a Negro nation.

  12. Donna Rachiele Says:

    I think since Obama came into office commercials bias toward african americans

  13. scottpageusmc Says:

    WTF!? You’re stupid, period. Obama, and the liberals/socialists, pushed this country to another wider racial divide.

    You couldn’t write an article about how 13.2% of the U.S. population is black, yet they are in 65+% of commercials.

    You should move in to Starbucks, you’ll find several other village idiots, and you’ll fit right in.

    You’re inexperienced, small minded, and a racist.

  14. John Says:

    I’m a minority… and I’m just going to call it what it is….Pandering. Ever since the 2016 presidential election, more companies have strategically placed blacks in their commercial ads. Quite honestly it makes me sick. Blacks only make up 14% of the population, but yet they’re in 70%+ all commercial spots on television. Some are very comical… I mean, come on… blacks buying and owning a suburu?? Yea right. As for TJ MAXX… can you say Mexicans? That’s all I see in that store. I feel badly for whites. They really do get a bad rap.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Buy from whites only, trade with whites only

  16. joe john james Says:

    All you people, who left a comment. Kill yourself. This is an article, not an internet discussion so shut the fuck up, because nobody clicked here to read your stupid ass opinion.

  17. No PC BS Says:

    ^ What a fantastic display of Irony…

  18. No PC BS Says:

    The other aspect of this over-representation that is overlooked is that if blacks are 13% of the population and whites are 65 to 70% but blacks are 70% of the commercials, this means that black actors have a 5 times better chance of getting hired for a commercial than whites do. Which means the advertising industry is severely plagued with racism, and it’s quite hard, statistically, for a white actor to even get a job in this industry.

    (And, ugh, every 50 years we have to come up with a new term to refer to black people with since every previously-used term offends them…)

  19. Anonymous Says:

    joe john james (August 9, 2017 at 4:40 pm) – Well I was one of the people from the UK who clicked on this article to find out why there’s an unbelievable amount of black people on UK TV adverts ??

    2017 seems to have been a turning point and as a white family, we now find ourselves changing channels to get away from these commercials only to find the next channel showing ads featuring blacks.There’s no escaping
    We can’t quote the sponsors because we elect not to run the ads that long.to find out. This forced representation in to our homes has quite frankly turned us racist.

  20. Little Willy Says:

    joe john james (August 9, 2017 at 4:40 pm) – Well I was one of the people from the UK who clicked on this article to find out why there’s an unbelievable amount of black people on UK TV adverts ??

    2017 seems to have been a turning point and as a white family, we now find ourselves changing channels to get away from these commercials only to find the next channel showing ads featuring blacks.There’s no escaping
    We can’t quote the sponsors because we elect not to run the ads that long.to find out. This forced representation in to our homes has quite frankly turned us racist.

  21. Lee Says:

    This argument that having many black people in ads causes racism is too farcical to be allowed to stand unanswered.

    Middle class people are overrepresented in ads too. @Little Willy, @Bruce Haas, @Chris M., etc., would you say that this forced representation in to our homes has quite frankly turned us into people who hate the middle class? Would you sat that the overrepresentation of tall, thin people is the reason that we hate good looking people? Or does your “inescapable logic” only apply when the difference is race?

  22. Sylvia Barnard Says:

    Little Willy, get your DNA done and you are really likely to find that like myself you have some residue of the British Empire in yr gene pool. Mine is First Nation fm Canada, yours cd be Indian fm British India or African or something else but far fewerBrits are lily white genetically than , say, Germans.

  23. Little Willy Says:

    Me personally, I subscribe to the natures rhetoric of: ‘birds of a feather flock together’ Its only natural that you feel more relaxed with people of your own type. No one objects to the occasional foreigner once in a while, but when images are being beamed in to your house alien to the English norm, then you have to question the reason why??

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Hit the nail on the head. I notice this everytime I watch tv. Most commercials feature sophisticated black people.

  25. “Why so many blacks in ads?” | Ramblin' with Roger Says:

    […] so many blacks in ads?” is one of those burning issues that I was totally oblivious to until Frank S. Robinson, no relation to the Hall of Fame outfielder, as far as I know, laid it out […]

  26. Anonymous Says:

    13% of the nations population is black +/- 80% of of commercials are black or mix marraged. This is reverse racism at its WORST.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Black privilege in action right here. Held up as cool, successful, well-integrated…it’s a lie to promote good feelings of equality among liberal whites and feelings of entitlement among blacks. But flash back to reality and these lies just spawn more discontent when blacks don’t see this magical ad fantasy play out. And then come the demands for MORE affirmative action, MORE equality and diversity measures.

    Meanwhile, Asians and Hispanics and non-black minorities get shit on…welcome to black-and-white lives matter America

  28. Jean Richardson Says:

    They are popping up everywhere. Why don’t they give opportunities to other cultures. For example, the American Indians, the Indian people from India, more whites, Hispanics, Japanese-Americans, Etc. Since they say blacks are only 13% of the population, how come you see them everywhere on TV. They’re in sports, music, commercials, TV and theater movies, etc etc. Since they are 13% of the population, how come it seems that they are seventy-five or eighty percent of the population by via TV commercials. What is funny and is even funnier to me is that they are in situations or commercials than in reality they are not even in or will never be. The black family is very dysfunctional, Dad left Mom for drugs or a gang or a very ignorant uneducated white girl and all the black kids and the Mom calling each other cuss words while praising Africa and having multiple kids from gang members – a vicious cycle. As they say monkey see monkey do or lets imitate the white culture. Ha ha…how true. Ha ha ha. You can take the blacks out of Africa but you cannot take the Africa out of them.

  29. Jean Richardson Says:

    Too, too many blacks. Like an Ebola plague of control. Just like in sports it is the white man’s fault. These rich owners are putting these blacks on pedestal after pedestal after pedestal. Ignore everybody else but black must be preserved, according to the white man’s, rich man’s mentality. For what purpose, I have no idea why they have forgotten about the other Americans who live here also. Why do they get so much special treatment? What about us the other people who make this country go round and round, who made this country great. Blacks are mostly on welfare or under bridges asking for handouts. Yes they do work but a very handful only.

  30. Jay Harding Says:

    I have a lot of friends who come from Mexico and South America and from Spain. They look everywhere and they say if America is already a negroid Nation. They tell me that because they see all these blacks running around committing crimes and on TV commercials and movies and music and sports. They asked me what happened to America? I’ll tell them I don’t know. They tell me laughingly that one day we are going to turn on our TVs and the screen will be all blacked out. It will not be because your TV is broken but because there are blacks everywhere on the TV, movies, commercials everywhere and everywhere and everywhere. Truckloads and truckloads as if they’re being hauled over here from Africa and as if Africa’s dumping them over here by plane loads and truckloads. When will all this absurd obsession with blacks which is absurd stop! I already disconnected my cable because of all the stuff going on. I do not go to the movies. I will soon stop going to sporting events.

  31. rationaloptimist Says:

    Thanks, Jean, for providing a nice parody of racism.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Negro was an ole term for these savages.

  33. Sylvia Barnard Says:

    Middle class, college, educated, professional people of colour are in fact everywhere outside the white ghettoes like Delmar. In downtown Albany they are visible on all the campusses, churches , and cultural institutions.

  34. Jean Harding Says:

    Hi out there. This is Jean. I live Austin, Texas. The mayor offs San Antonio, Texas and his cohorts, took down the Confederate statue from Travis Park, which had been there a little bit over 100 years. I hope that everyone who has made a decision in the receives a curse from this removal of statues from the dead Confederate soldiers and people who defended this nation. Today the statues, tomorrow the $20 bill of Jackson to be replaced by an ugly, ape-like looking image of a lady, if I may call her a lady….yuck…and after this, believe me guys, they’re after reparation payments, absurd, and finally they want to and they will take your daughters if you let them. I’m putting my daughter’s behind locked doors at home and in my SUV, from this ape creatures. Take care and keep your guard up.

  35. rationaloptimist Says:

    Thanks again, Jean, your parody of the racist mind-set is delicious!!

  36. The Watchman Says:

    I am staggered by how many blacks and non whites are over promoted and presented in U.K. media especially adverts. I have travelled the world and never seen so much obvious inverse racism as is going in British media. Simply virtue signalling among advertisers to each other or a more sinister conditioning by the media to accept vast increases in ethnically diverse immigration who knows.

  37. Cheshire Observer Says:

    The Watchman Says :

    I couldn’t agree with you more and I really don’t know why coloured people are over represented in tv ads. I googled the question and came upon this web site so I’m obviously not the only person who has noticed this. Personally I don’t use our buy from companies that over represent in this way.

  38. Jean Hepsinger Says:

    The weird thing is that you will never really see them in situations like that; astronauts, lawyers, doctors, very, very few but a handful. They fit more your style of looters who are looting the stores after hurricane Irma hit Miami, Florida and the rest of Florida. Their true colors, if I may say so, came out. Don’t believe me, look at the videos where they are looting the stores like savages running wild. I’m glad they got caught by surveillance video and now what are they going to do, run into the ghettoes and hide or perhaps under the bridges. All I can say to these people is get a job. Stop waiting for the NFL to call you. They will not. The NBA will not call you either. Get a real job and stop stealing from the White Man. Jean


  39. Sylvia Barnard Says:

    Join the Episcopal Church in any city and you will meet Black lawyers and doctors.

  40. Jeane Harding Says:

    You are right Sylvia but a counted handful. White-educated the white man’s way though. Majority are waiting for the NFL or the NBA to call them. Otherwise they don’t give a darn about anything else. They just left for today with a bottle of whiskey or Islands. Their motto is “live” for today and die tomorrow, we dun care mamma. So true. I grew up in Harlem and I know how they are down to the Core.

  41. Sylvia Barnard Says:

    At a recent reading by undergraduate poets at UAlbany, one young student poet proudly identified herself as coming from Harlem.

  42. Jihandi Buford Says:

    Perhaps that is true Sylvia but perhaps but very few. Don’t forget that this country was built by Blood, Sweat & Tears by the arriving Puritans, the Spaniards, the Chinese who built the railroads, the Mexicans who did most of the labor and still continue to do it today. Don’t forget Sylvia that blacks or Africans came here as slaves and therefore don’t really have much of a history except in the motherland of Africa. The only history today they lean on is Martin Luther King. The Anglo-Saxons in their countries and the Spanish Empire in the country perhaps goes back hundreds or thousand years ago. Blacks were living in loin cloths and running away from lions while the other side of the world was highly developed. Blacks are just a recent arrival into the new world but I’m sure they want to know everything about what the white men can teach them.. That way they can assimilate to their world. All in all, where are the other cultures and races in this country, they can’t even get a job in a commercial. There are truck loads, truck loads, and truck loads of an immense number of blacks infiltrating into our TV sets. Pretty soon the whole screen will be all black. Talk about diversity, where in the heck is diversity. There are many other cultures of people who want to be in commercials to get a little job but I guess if you’re black nowadays you have an advantage. I hope that whoever owns these commercial companies finally wake up one day and see what they have done.

    Where has the diversity gone to?
    Blacks are not the only diversity and i hate to break your bubble. Look around that the world is not run by blacks but by other cultures, many other cultures.

    Where is the diversity.

  43. Ron Says:

    Are companies being forced to OVER REPRESENT blacks & minorities, perhaps some law Obama has forced down the throats of businesses during the final days of his administration? I wonder….

  44. rationaloptimist Says:

    Yes — and Hillary was head of a pedophile ring operating out of pizza parlor. While Trump always tells it like it is.
    And God created the world in 4004 BC and watches over us.

  45. Sylvia Barnard Says:

    Blacks go back 400 yrs in the New World and are among the oldest ethnic groups on this continent.

  46. Little Willy Says:

    Perhaps as a rebellion against the brilliant Donald Trump in the US and Brexit here in the UK the advertising media are akin to the Liberal Hollywood luvvies and the British leftist remoaners and are doing it deliberately to piss us off.

  47. Truman Says:

    Forget reparations, we’ll just own tv instead!

  48. micky Says:

    its getting over the top with this including blacks culture…when did we become a black country…we dont need it forcing down our necks to accept that blacks are part of our population because we already know they are but to keep re-enforcing it with every poster, advert, t.v. show, disscusion, police shows anything you can think of where there is more than 3 people included…its becoming so annoying and starting to incite the wrong effect as it cunjers up a negetive reaction…

  49. Anonymous Says:

    I believe the blacks want genocide of the white race….. as a GROUP, they hate and resent the white people. and I ask this about ‘DIVERSITY’….the proper definition of that is ‘different’….not the same…so perhaps we should put more emphasis on UNITY?
    I have never gotten an answer for this question…If GOD wanted us all to be the same, why did HE create other races?

  50. Pete Says:

    I live in the UK too and I find it absolutely mind boggling to see the amount of blacks on TV adverts here nowadays. I’m reaching the point that I may dispose of my TV. There are plenty of Asians in the UK nowadays but you never see them in TV adverts, why is this? It seems as though they are scared of black people. The UK has become a disturbing place in recent years, if you are a white male you need to be ashamed of yourself.

  51. Ryder Briggs Says:

    My understanding is that we are all Americans. I also understand that historically could we call the British racist against the Scottish and Irish, or the Japanese against the Chinese? The Spanish and French against the Native Americans? Or does any one remember the triangle trade? That Africans would conquer other Africans and use them as trade with Europeans and Americans? Did everyone skip the part in American history about the beginning of the civil war? It had nothing to do with slavery and everything to do with creating machine’s that would replace the work that slaves did so that all slaves could be sent to Panama? The southerners had fought to keep the slaves here as slaves of course but also as a part of their families believe it or not. Also there are many different derogatory terms for people of color but let’s not lump them all together please, as far as I know that wouldn’t be acceptable. Hispanics Don’t like to be called Mexicans because they’re not from Mexico, Spanish people are from Spain. Koreans don’t like to be called Japanese because they’re not. There are many different types of white people. Jews are white and so are Germans, Russians are white and so are the Polish and French. I think there has been alot of hatred in the world for a very long time and some how all “White” people are the same? White people hate white people more than they ever hated any race of color. White people fought other white people in the civil war and if you want to believe that it was because of the slaves then you also have to believe that there are some white people who I guess are “not racist?” Racist is the new nigger which is pretty comical considering it bridges all creeds, religions, sexual genders ( even the new 3rd gender of hermaphrodite? ) but whatever so some how everyone is supposed to play nice and like everything about everybody but it seems as though the ones who are fighting for acceptance and equality hate straight white men…… but just aren’t sure what kind of white they are. I do wish Dr. King was still alive he was a very peaceful man who could reach out to all people of all colors except that one son of a bitch. I grew up in a culture where there were many awesome Americans Bo Jackson , Michael Jordan, Mike Tyson, Eddie Murphy, Michael Jackson…… really it’s a very long list of BLACK people who were admired by a lot of people from all races. Do you really believe that 13% of the population of people who supposedly all are from the poorest economic and social class in America somehow came up with the funds to make even one millionaire from that same social place? White people like all people and hate all people equally believe it or not, it honestly has nothing to do with your race it has everything to do with you as an induvidual and place the blame appropriately. If the cops are being racist then maybe you should be angry with the cops, just like if the Patriots cheated it doesn’t mean all teams in the nfl cheated… got me? If all white people are racist then they wouldn’t buy black music, laugh with black comedians, buy Jordans to be like Mike, Pay for Mayweather fights. They wouldn’t support anything black people do in any type of way so that blacks could be completely ostricized in our culture. I do believe that some fucked up shit happened back in the day…. yes we know that you were slaves…. no not you but some body in your bloodline in a time long ago. But there were also people called indentured servants ( Irish ) who were illegally immigrating into the United states and the only place they could go was to the plantation with the slaves to pick cotton right next to them…… they weren’t promised 40 acres and a mule and they don’t complain about it either. Just like LeBron James didn’t complain his way to being one of the best basketball player’s ever, Jordan didn’t complain his way to the top…. so I’m confused about one thing how come it’s ok to say the word slave? Isn’t that the most derogatory word that could be used ? The other one that gets all the attention only means ignorant but OoooOooOOo watch out you’re saying someone hasn’t learned something and that means they’re going to go get all of their friends and shake the trees, burn building’s, flip car’s over, loot from buisness, then be arrested and go to jail only to say it’s because the black cop who arrested you did it because he’s racist? Do you see how we just did a full circle that is the definition of the word by action? I’m baffled by the perpetuating ignorance and I am truly not ashamed to be white but I am becoming numb to the BLM, like most white people I know when it started we were like whaaaat!? Let’s go and find that racist bastard and put him in his place …. violently if necessary because if he or she thinks it’s okay to hate someone based on their race, color, religion, you know all the standard pc bullshit then what’s going to stop him from finding other excuses to hate people including myself? We stand together all races or we all fall because the only side we should be standing for is the American side not yours, not his , not hers, not it’s ( sorry you Transgender fucks if you don’t know what you are how the fuck do you expect the rest of us to?) But whatever you decide to choose is okay with us because you’re just not that important to the rest of us, I mean yay you like to play and gain pleasure from poop with your genitals that’s awesome for you…. I think it stinks when someone leaves a turd in the toilet in a public restroom but I guess you like it and I need to praise you for it….. do you also like to pick gum off the ground and put it in your mouth? Yay! I don’t hate you for it but I’m not going to try it, and I’m going to think you’re a little weird, but I’m sure you think I’m weird too for not wanting to be just like you right? I will continue to use the word midget or retard to describe some one who is a midget, or Is retarded, honestly I don’t think the retards care. Just like I’ll call deaf people deaf and blind people blind. Sucks for you guys but there is nothing different that could have been done and I support science figuring out ways to make everyone exactly the same and perfect. I would hate to see diversity go but that’s the only way people will stop Hating each other right? I mean if everyone was exactly the same then I’m sure there would be the long fingernail gang or something and they would complain because you get something when you complain. What I want is what I want and you’re just going to give it to me because I have ten toes or two eye’s. Really dogg ask the plug if you get a discount because of your race? He is going to tell you to kick rocks and come back when you have enough money right….. so in closing fuck the police officers who are dirty and fuck the criminals who are FUCKING CRIMINALS. If you’re a piece of shit in life it has nothing to do with your skin color and the rest of us are not going to accept your behavior you don’t get a privilege card to play if you don’t follow the acceptable rules of society dumbass, salute the flag because it means a lot more than a freedom of expression it means we stand together and will die together fighting for what’s right don’t tell everyone you’re not into that kind of thing because you haven’t presented an alternative flag to salute …… didn’t think of that one first and I can’t blame you jocks aren’t historically known as the smartest people In our culture but please tell the police that you do not want their services or the military so that the ominous ” they ” can come to your house and do things to you the ski mask way. Seriously all this boils down to is accountability and holding those accountable for their actions or rewarding them for their actions. I wish we would have seen this many people pissed off about what them priests did to those little boy’s. If you’re offended then good , if you’re going to do something about it good, make it positive I want to see a unified united America not one divided over shit that no one is willing to really get to the bottom of a specific problem if an induvidual steps out of line and does something socially unacceptable then everyone around that induvidual has the responsibility to teach them the correct way to act weather it’s by ridicule or a bloody nose, by being fired or put in jail….. we need to pull all the weeds out of the wheat one at a time.

  52. Sylvia Barnard Says:

    White English people were also indentured servants in colonial America. They were not all Irish.

  53. Ryder Briggs Says:

    😉 that’s it?

  54. Little Willy Says:

    Nice monologue Ryder, but as far as I can recall you haven’t said why you think that the featuring of black people in adverts has explode exponentially to the point where it is now a novelty to see a proper white person??

  55. Ryder Briggs Says:

    Good morning Little Willy,
    You’re right I didn’t address it because honestly it doesn’t matter, there is obviously an agenda to push for the black demographic to purchase items across the board however It could be a ploy for us to “accept black people” in your living room. I don’t care about black people being in more commercials, I do care about the subliminal message behind it. The one thing that does bother me is that it’s cool to be black, so if you see a black guy driving a Toyota Prius it Promotes the cool status….. since when was it cool to be black? Who said that they were cool? Sure they can wear pink and i can’t but I’m not trying to dress like an Easter egg either. Black guys can drive a Prius but I don’t think that is a common practice similar to motor cycles and trucks. Yeah it happens but not really very often, but in the same token who is trying to prevent them from driving a Prius or a motorcycle, or a truck? I thought it wasn’t a common practice based on individual preferences and choices? Now to the what bothers me part….. If anyone let alone myself was proud to be them selves and proud of their heritage and proud of being white ……. watch out for the racist MOB! (BLACKS) there are a lot of white people looking out for black people helping them make thing’s fair without it being earned and yet I can still see the BLM has some more complaining to do….. I just found out that white people should turn over their inheritance to the nearest black person asap…… wtf? I think Black people are pushing to see where their boundaries are of how much free shit they’re going to get from these stupid ass white people!
    (Tell me please any situation in life where you were benefited because you were white) I’ve only seen situations benefit me because I was prepared for them. Because I had the knowledge and skills to accomplish the goal better then anyone at the moment in the place and time that it needed to be done. There has been an everyone is “equal” thing going on for quite some time except when it comes to being a white male. I remember there was one female that tried out for the football team when I was a kid and she wasn’t very good but she was on the team and she did everything that the team had to do except block…. she just wouldn’t block anyone, same thing with the black player’s, they wouldn’t block. You cannot be a good football player if you don’t block and I felt that it didn’t matter what or who you were if you didn’t block you shouldn’t be on the team, but yet they were, everyday self preserving while the rest of us were sacrificing our bodies for the success of the team…. chew on that in comparison to today’s society of entitlement.
    I noticed a few years ago that every Commercial that had to do with chicken had black people in it Except for the Colonel Sanders. It was if they were saying that the chicken is so good that we should try it because it has the stamp of approval from blacks. Check it out If someone is selling a new chicken sandwich or they put chicken on a pizza the Commercial will only have black people in it. Now I guess it’s the same thing for granola bars and vegetables you will only see white people in those commercials…… but I’m waiting to see that.

  56. Ryder Briggs Says:

    What I would really like to know is what are we as white people afraid of? Minorities get a head start in every aspect of business. If you don’t believe me then start a new one and see what it takes to do it and then look at what advantages there are if you do this or do that. If you hire a minority then train them the state /or federal government will give you half of their wages. If you hire a white guy…. nothing because apparently he is supposed to already know how to do the job and your business will be successful because you have a white guy? Really….. they’re both learning how to do the job at the same time their skin color isn’t going to determine if they are good at it or not. If I was black I would be pissed off. I want to run a race against 9 other black guy’s in the 100 meters and start from the 50 meter mark if I beat them all do I still win and does it count that I’m the fastest man alive because I can run it in under 6 seconds? I would hate it if everywhere I went I was competing with others that have a handicap that benefits me because I wouldn’t feel as though I’ve earned it. How much do commercial actors make? If they make more than a doctor then I think we would all want to be commercial actors….. I look at commercials having more black actors as being a pity and saying awe look at these cute black people… let’s put them in every Commercial so people can see that they are doing something positive in life. Honestly does it take any special skills to be put in a commercial? It doesn’t. It only takes one person saying this is what I want because it fits in my idea. If you don’t like seeing black people promoting those products and you want to out a stop to it then boycott those products. If their marketing department isn’t bringing in sales they will be forced to use different sales tactics or go out of business. The 13% is not enough to support any company in any market.
    What I do think is fucked up is that I live in a state called New Mexico, it is predominantly Hispanic which is fine great food, good music, Beautiful women, rampant crime, nice sunsets, highest drop out rate, highest teen pregnancy rate, lowest education, lowest wages, where Hispanics are the majority by far! But are still some how treated like a minority? They get all of the benefits of being a minority but are the majority. I know I am veering off the point but I’ll get back to it, there might be 8 black families. Most of them are military transplants but some how most of them end up being questioned about something un ethical and the answer is always ” well….. what had happened was…..” I’m sure there are decent black families here there has to be but they are represented in a smaller number then 13% and yet some how they aren’t the only ones who are marching in a BLM movement there are always more white people willing to stick their necks out to promote equality between races but when it comes to minorities hell no! They are not trying to help out white people in any way. So why are we helping them get into our game and making it easier ? We don’t have to? For example…. it’s awesome that blacks are good at football, basketball, rapping, selling crack whatever….. but I thought that white people invented it all? If I invite you over to my house to play ping pong and you’re better than me at it awesome but that doesn’t mean you’re entitled to come into my house whenever you want to play ping pong, sit on my couch, change the channel, eat a sandwich, smack my girlfriends ass….. doesn’t matter what color you are. Get your own ping pong table and host your own games. Stay the fuck out of mine.

  57. Ryder Briggs Says:

    Except rap white people didn’t invent that, but are catching up quickly without any assistance.

  58. rationaloptimist Says:

    “So why are we helping them get into our game and making it easier ?” — “Them” — “OUR game” — !!
    If “they” were Venusians trying to take over our planet, so that they could eat human beings for lunch and dinner, your comments might make some sense.

  59. Anonymous Says:

    here’s the reason:
    whites don’t care who is in the ad. apparently, blacks do

  60. Nate Scott Says:

    If you’ll notice more closely, most of the black men in TV commercials are dark brown in skin tone and have noticeably heavy Negroid phenotypes, whereas most of the black women in TV commercials have mixed race phenotypes and are notably lighter in skin tone. Looking further into the spectrum, the roles depicted by black men tend to be dumb and buffoonish in nature, but the ones depicted by black women tend to have a sophisticated and intelligent flair to them. IMO, advertisers are missing an entire segment of the black American consumer audience. This role casting appears to be intentional, to say the least.

  61. Jeanna Harrison Says:

    Uncle Tom! Where the hell are you so you can control your kinfolk! They are out of control! They want everything! And they don’t want to work. The Kinfolk are waiting for the NFL or NBA to call them. Why there’s even an 85 year old man who ain’t worked all his life and waiting for the NBA and NFL to call him. He be getting them welfare checks. She be wearing a cane acting like he came to walk just to get them disability checks! At the same time praising Africa, Africa, Africa and we all his Kinfolk all have African names so we don’t want to be part of the white man’s name system!
    They be wanting to rape anything that moves especially white people. They be mad cuz he trapped in that black covering. Their skin color is their only downfall.

  62. Poppy Cronin Says:

    It is simple, they are trying to cram down our throats that blacks are our equals. They are not, call it racism if you like, but it is the truth.

  63. Paul Says:

    I came to this article because I saw an interesting headline. What the author reveals, and infused in many of the comments here, is an unabashed whites-first attitude. I’m not surprised this little corner of racist ideology exists online; it is nevertheless shocking and disgusting.

    My take on the advertising subject is a big SO WHAT. So black people are “over represented” in ads? Big deal- we all know that ads exist to help sell products and that advertisements aren’t necessarily representative of the product/service quality. Nor are ads necessarily representative of a company’s target demographic. SO WHAT.

    The implication that this so-called over representation isn’t “fair”: gimme a break. Oh the poor beleaguered white consumers! And the implication that perceived under representation of other minority groups is giving black folks “more than their due” is racist as hell. Gimme a break! As if any of those commenters wouldn’t hesitate to shit on other minorities if they too were “over represented” in media.

    If this blog post seriously got your hackles up, consider your options. How about not watching commercials if the very sight of black people angers you? And while you’re at it, how about you begin to examine why you are angry?

    It’s white privilege to fight this “battle” of media shoving their “agenda” upon you. What agenda, exactly? A message of inclusivity wrapped up in a profit-driven industry.

    Meanwhile, black mothers and fathers are legit terrified that their children will be shot indiscriminately by law enforcement. Every day is life or death.

    And you’re fed up with the black faces on your screen. Try looking outside your limited perspective once in a while. Your white supremacy is showing.

  64. Ryder Briggs Says:

    Who the fuck is this guy?♤♤♤♤
    There is no one who lives in fear because of their skin color. If you live in fear of the consequences for your actions that would be a legitimate stance. There may be such a thing as a ghetto pass but white privilege is a myth, a very distant 2nd cousin to Paul Bunyan.

  65. imedbone Says:

    there no end of trouble encurage to many “proud” tribal foreigner bring when they live nother majory land an refuse assimilate. usa only like 12% max any1 claim black blood but so many problm for the many generation. you mus never get away with open slight an offend majority that create any other country like usa tv do. now you have western black come china, japan, korea, and evwhere other people land an try complain “racism”. they alway make problem. they are the race obsess. think here is usa where cry protest give u what u want. dont understand u r some1 else land. u can go yur own people place if not comfort. place they made. not complain somebody else place. even poor asian make nice peace place nice to live not crime. poor asian at usa do that to. no problem. every black place in world i visit wad bad. no develop culture. no prosper. terrible. they think all world people to stupid study they habit & reptation. 3000 yearwhole sub africa no prosper city. only mediterane have city. anywhere on world some1 ev day no like u. get over. diverse only white europe create and desir anyway.. only stupid white people let minor group make so much trouble so long in they country. usa especial. china have 56 ethnic group all speak different language an culture, but all only encouraged be “chinese”. that is proud first. no problems. usa tv jus want black $. and chinese much $!

  66. Paul Says:

    @Ryder and who the fuck are you??
    “There is no one who lives in fear because of their skin color.”
    Oh is that a fact? If so, cite your sources.

    If you don’t have any sources, kindly sit the fuck down

  67. Ryder Briggs Says:

    If you live in fear it’s because you are more prone to your flight response then your fight. Not because of your skin color, Do you have phobias? Do you think it’s because of your race? I think you’re a social crusader. A “Captain Save a ho” What… you have 3 back friends? or are you trying to impress to get some pussy? Between you and me I don’t give af where you’re from or what you believe in, if you like to suck dick or not. If we’re in competition for survival I will take your cookies, fuck your gurl, take your job, sit on your couch, kick my feet up, smoke all your weed, and turn the fucking heat up. While my black friends are getting the cops called and bringing more bitches to your pad.

  68. Big badd ben Says:

    All my cuts and sores your respectfully full of proverbial fecal matter no the world is currently in love with all this its cool to be black b.s.and there its no white privilege so nock it off there’s no reason to have a bleeding heart for a race of militant uneducated morons.but i fear u desperately want to perform intimate Fellatio with a sub saharan watusi mandingo. Since your desires are So obvious from your writings i suggest you hurry to it and leave real concerns to those intelligent enough to both address and deal with the very real unnecessary overplayed black b.s.that most in this country are oh so very tired of.

  69. Paul Says:

    Just as I thought. No evidence to support your claim. And yes I am a bleeding heart liberal who believes in speaking up when injustice is happening. No matter who the president is, this country perpetuates injustice of all kinds.

    But who am I kidding, you’re just a common low life racist who doesn’t care who gets screwed, as long as you get yours.

    And big badd Ben ahahaha you are just trolling lololzz

  70. Ryder Briggs Says:

    Hahaha so you’re a pussy begging to be fucked. Facts are fun like what’s the percentage of convicted criminals and you think that because you’ve known some one for two whole weeks they wouldn’t do that huh?

  71. Big badd ben Says:

    And and ryder niggs you’d try that nonsensical b.s.but would find my size11 boots so far up u and your subsaharan friends greasy cornpipes it would knock out what’s left of your diseased teeth.next you would realize that my biceps would be wrapped around your face as your world started going dark and Boom your nappy head would be hitting the floor and your homies would be running down the street with their fros on fire.then i would run up in your Two thousand dollar house the government bought for you and cornbore any ladies in your nasty house that didn’t look like boot lip apes. Dropping my proverbial load all up in dey booty holes…finally taking all the money from your crack sales and taking your ps3 as well.lastly torching that mess you call property….lmfao eat dukey 🐵 man…

  72. Little Willy Says:

    ******Straying away from the original topic!!
    “Why is the advertising media noticeably increasing the ratio of black people to the exclusion of other races”??

  73. Ryder Briggs Says:

    You sound like one of us Ben…. but you’re not. I was tali to Paul but you’re welcome to get your teeth stomped in and shortly after your shit pushed in. If you’re sympathetic for Paul then you’re welcome to get served up as well
    Go back and read my posts, then come again at me like an English class gangster

  74. Jeanna Harrison Says:

    To Sylvia Barnard: I thought the American Indians were the oldest minority here in this continent. They were here probably several thousand years before Columbus and the Spaniards arrived or the Puritans arrived. This is Jeanna darling. Study your history. Read, study, read, study, read, read; you do know how to read?

    Footnote to all: People out there reading and responding to other people please don’t say any bad words or vulgar words please – it shows your ignorance and there is no need to say bad words or use vulgar language. Respect yourselves and all others.

    Thank you,


  75. Sylvia Barnard Says:

    Please note that I said AMONG the oldest ethnic groups. The irony of yr comment is that I am partly Mohawk, but, although I can be identified by some Canadians, I just look like a woman with seriously dark eyes to most Americans so nobody goes ballistic if my picture shows up somewhere, thank God! I am a graduate of McGill and Cambridge with a PhD from Yale so I do know how to read and, as I have just pointed out, I did not say that African-descended people are THE oldest North Americans. I wd hardly overlook my own ancestors!

  76. rationaloptimist Says:

    Sylvia, you’re wasting your time responding to these extreme pathetic racist comments.

  77. Casey Hill Says:

    The bottom line is the ads with blacks are disproportionate to the population. I thought to be “not-racist” you had to have equal amounts of each group (as if a group is identifiable by the naked eye). This is another. More disturbing is the race mixing agenda (I realize its the same goal…Marxism). So no more explanation is required. The goal is to create a lower-IQ and divide the people to take power. Both objectives are accomplished by Black empathy and ultimately mixing. The IQ data is crystal clear here fellas. Oh and for the tired retort on culture, environment, etc…black and mixed non-white or Asian IQ is substantially lower than white IQ. A dumber, compliant and poorer America is but a guarantee based upon its current and foreseeable motion. Bye, Bye wealthy America and Hello Middle East number two. Europe is jealous that the American white elite out does them on creating the compliant underclass within the same nation. Europe is to their own credit now reshaping the population as to be more suitable for the elites. Wow, fun while it lasted!

  78. Sylvia Barnard Says:

    I shall refrain!

  79. Gary Wickert Says:

    Because they are oppressed.

  80. Anonymous Says:

    pissing me off tbh. sick of seeing them and hearing them!

  81. Anonymous Says:

    Blacks are a cancer in America. Starting with the Muslim Obama (Barry Soetoro).

  82. Ryder Briggs Says:

    Blacks are used as pawns in the advertising world, sounds like operation hide behind the darkies to maintain buisness as usual. All Black’s know that the white devil doesn’t like them so they have found it’s best to not try and single out the wheat from the weeds and just call them all weeds. The one’s who give a damn about blacks in commercials are a group of crusading white people who won’t drink anything less than starbucks, shop for organic food, let their kid’s and wife run their house, shop at rei for socks, and complain that fixing their furnace, plumbing, or car is expensive. It’s because you are a promoting a nation of gatherers……. while the hunters are growing slimmer it is becoming easier to hunt because the competition is limited and absolutely worthless. The corporation of the United states of America isn’t what we thought it was or is it going to be ever again.

  83. Margret Says:

    Not fair ! Everyone wants us to play fair but no one does…

  84. Uncle Tom and proud Says:

    We 13% of population in U.S.
    We got more black people in television commercials than anyone. We commit 85% of the crime in the U.S. but at least we be active and mobile. We own most of the NFL, NBA, baseball, and high school and college sports. Not bad for a 13% population of U.S. How you like that white boy! We join the military so we can gain the confidence of them white women so we can look like Heroes and then rape them. We don’t care what fat man Rocket Man does. We just want to rape them white women. We want to turn the whole U.S. black looking. We be getting more guns and cussing more and more and conquering of this white man land. As Nikita Khrushchev once said, We will bury you.

  85. Ryder Briggs Says:

    Hey Uncle Tom, can you give me some White joke’s? Like what’s white and 10 inches long? Ron Jeremy?

  86. Ryder Briggs Says:

    Come on moon cricket, gimme something. We might not be able to say the n word, but at least we can say thing’s like hey dad and thanks for the warning Mr. Officer.

  87. Anonymous Says:

    Globalists are pushing this in many countries. Stop watching the networks, boycott the NFL, don’t buy the products just like most are doing in the US right now. They wont tell you its working because they control the media and social media along with search results. But it’s working and we know it. #boycottnfl

  88. fred bloggs Says:

    im sick of having it rammed fown our throats..im mot racist at all but i do feel blacks and semi blacks are over represented for fear of recrimination that it becomes annoying as most people cant focus on the subject when the first thought is ‘ not more of the reverse racism to be P.C.

  89. fred bloggs Says:

    brainwashing to be P.C.

  90. Anonymous Says:

    The companies do it because their afraid of being labeled as racist. It’s overkill.

  91. WEHO boy Says:

    They don’t want the older middle class viewers, the ones with money?? They want the hip, cool poor young viewers? TOTAL BS. They are forced by the government(liberal members) to do it.No question, positive it hurts their sales. Same thing with the massive influx of blacks into the white areas, government mandated. Welfare supported.

  92. Not Amused Black Man Says:

    I found this article out of curiosity in google searching the very exact same points you make about the overrepresented number of black people in advertisements. It boggles my mind the insane amount of (seemingly) attractive, middle class, black Americans I see in ads, TV commercials, in magazines, on billboards and even on the sides of public transport and in government buildings. As a black person, I could not help but question the motives behind why this is, as we clearly know corporations spend billions on ads, and nothing is featured in them without a ton of highly paid executives approving it. And to not be offensive, I have also seen an overwhelming number of black people in adult entertainment advertisements and movies. On dating sites and other social apps, I see NOTHING but attractive black people. With all the hate, vitriol, aggression, jealously and outright contempt for black Americans in this country it really starts to make you think. Simply, these companies are purposely using black people in their advertisements for mass appeal and solicitation to a majority of the population in this country who have professed an irrational hate for black people. Not only is there unprecedented, and irrational “hate” for black people in the United States but across the world too. All these people (white, Indian, Asian, Hispanic and Middle Eastern) claim to hate black Americans but they can’t keep us out their advertisements, they can’t keep us out their businesses out of our communities, they can’t stop imitating our music and culture and they simply can’t stop dating us (where I live I see a HUGE number of black men and nonblack women couples). You cant even watch an award show without the performers being black, the winners being black and the topics centered on black people. Many have even raised speculation about the high number of black men and white women advertisements in particular. I read the comments on related articles and such and I see nothing but negative comments about black people, especially black men. I see news articles with nothing but negative and racist comments about black men, etc. They claim to hate black people so much but every time you turn around they are either talking about black people, collaborating with black people and/or seeking to associate or benefit from black people in some capacity. My thing is: if I dislike or hate something I try to avoid or disassociate from it. Why do these white people who claim black people are unattractive, poor, uneducated and undesirable all spend billions of dollars to promote their brands and products with black people? The fact that mostly white America chooses to focus on black Americans while claiming to hate them is an oxymoron in itself. They want to talk about racism and hate as if it’s irrational or as if it is isolated (not all white people are racist) and almost as if it is a phenomenon that doesn’t really exist, while they willingly flood the country with everything black. Top 40 radio is black, EVERYTHING IS BLACK. Even in the black neighborhood I live in, an enclave of a much larger white and racist metropolitan area, I see white people in these areas clearly very far from where they live, mostly seeking the attention and interaction with black people, especially black men. The number of interracial couples is astounding. They are racist to us in the white areas but then come to our areas to smile and seek companionship. White women clutch their pearls and cross the street during the day, but sneak through the black mens’ bedroom window at night. Again, how do you hate a group of people but put so much of your time and energy into pursuing and thinking about them? Maybe the constant stream of racism and hate against black people is actually a sign of admiration? Maybe the constant abuse and oppression is a sign a cry for attention? I don’t know the answers to these questions but a logical person would conclude that the events are conflicting. And if the goal is to attract black consumers then they need to know they are pushing us away. I am disgusted by the happy smiling black people in mass media while the country treats black citizens like dirt. Why they continue to engage in this hate-inclusion relationship is beyond me. And while it annoys me that they want their cake and eat it too, I am more disappointed and ashamed of black people for going along with it. At this point, I cant blame white people. If I could take your money, your body, and your talents while claiming to be superior and hate you, then why not?

  93. rationaloptimist Says:

    Thank you, Not-amused, for your comment. I too am somewhat taken aback by the outpouring of disgraceful racist comments here (I am white, BTW). But to answer you, the thing is that the racists like those commenters, and the people making those ads, and responding positively to those ads, are TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT sets of people. If it is a kind of schizophrenia, it is not a schizophrenia within individuals but, rather, within society as a whole. We have both these very different kinds of individuals in America. That was kind of the point I was making. And I would add that the makers of the ads, and the consumers responding positively to the ads (which is the ads’ purpose of course) are in the VANGUARD of society. The racists who don’t like them are the backward parts of society. They are being left behind by progress. Which, of course, fuels their resentment.

  94. Ryder Briggs Says:

    Funny how the great empires have thrown their slaves into the colosseum for the entertainment of the masses. Furthermore because someone can get an A in physical education that’s what defines how awesome they are!? Yes….. please take all the white bitches you can, they’re dumb, lazy, and should be bred out of existence with the far superior IQ of the American black man. I thought black dudes only liked white chick’s because of their credit scores? I appreciate the forward moving thought process of America let’s push a physically superior athlete to rush for 2000 yards a season against some of the hardest hitting linebackers and defensive line man the planet has ever seen and give him financial advisors that flush his money into their pockets while he spends the rest on flashy cars and a luxury home that he has no idea what “property taxes” are or what they can do when you don’t have a job any more because your acl is torn or has no idea what aflack is for you lose it dummie and end up on the news like mc hammer O.J. simpson…. Clinton portis………. the list goes on and on and on as long as there is unemployment there will be a line of black people in it…. far superior race indeed…. please can we all drink from the same kool aid? Look call it what you want, if you smell funny, if you wear the same socks everyday, if you never have any money to pay for things that were going to do together, I’m not going to want to hang out with you. Doesn’t matter your skin color but it would be nice if there was a designated area for undesired people to go and hang out far away from the rest of us.

  95. Truth hurts Says:

    Haha dont call them blacks its people of color lol get bent all my guts an soul how bout this a ton of ads show blacks as the smart ones wile the white person is making a fool out of themselves or having to be taught by the black. I love how they show black families with both parents in a ton of ads but the truth is the blacks have the lowest 2 parent homes in the nation so thats not pandering. Its like TV ads think well white people won’t get mad if we make everyone black in our ads but the blacks will bitch there victims if there isn’t enough of them in ads. An another thing blacks have the lowest average of disposable income to buy things so none of these marketing ads make sense I won’t buy anything where they pander to low IQ, violent crime committing , who suck on welfare at way higher percentage then whites do an they always play the victim. Flat out stop pandering to the poorest dumbest part of our society that has no buying power. Niggers dont understand commercials anyhow because they dont speak English they speak ebonics!

  96. Anonymous Says:

    I have been wondering WHY myself so “googled it” and would up here.

  97. Captsin Bob Says:

    Why, on government forms, do the checkboxes say, “White” for Caucasian and “Black” for Negro but don’t say, “Yellow” for Asian, “Brown” for Pacific Islander, “Red” for Native American or “Green for Other? Shouldn’t government forms be consistent?
    Further, some say, “African-American” instead of “Black” or Negro (correct) but have no breakdown for “Whites” such as “European-American” or “South American-American.” Silly isn’t it? And, it all started because the “people of color” (expect that on gov’t forms at sometime in the future) didn’t like “Negro” because the racist term, “Nigger” came from that. I believe the phrase “Black is beautiful” started the change and it’s continued on from there because they apparently can’t be satisfied…

  98. Anonymous Says:

    i’m sick of hearing about blacks and seeing them! all they do is bitch and cry but do nothing positive to help their image in anyway. its just all violent negative attitude

  99. Rick Says:

    I want anyone out their to name any country or city in the whole WORLD where blacks make up the majority and you find a well educated, low crime, prosperous neighbor hoods, high employment, or just a desireable place to raise a family. Having a hard time to name that place? It’s because it doesn’t exist. Anywhere blacks make up the majority you will find a hell hole of living conditions which is their DNA make up.. They are a disgrace race a burden to the hole world compared to any other nationality.

  100. Kenneth Peacock Says:

    The reason that there are so many Blacks, and so few Whites in ads lately is obvious. The Leftist Jewish elite, who have a monopoly on Media, hate us White, middle class, Christians. They are giving the middle finger to us “deplorables”. They have been trying to destroy us for a long time. Open borders, with peasant Non-Whites and drugs pouring in. Pushing a mixed-race agenda ETC. Ever noticed that most Whites in ads are portrayed as borderline retarded? They always are criminals, use the wrong product, and Blacks and snarky-ass Jews always are looking down their noses at us. Fuck them. I try to use smaller, non-Jewish owned products and services, whenever possible.

  101. Dave G Says:

    I just watched three adverts in a row the UK featuring a black family, another black family and then a multiethnic one where white people played about 25% of the roles. Yet in the UK over 80% of the population is white and just 4% black. If any other race were so blatantly discriminated against there would be riots. The powers that be are blind to discrimination against white people!

  102. Jerry Says:

    Why is it when there were less blacks it was considered racist but when there are disproportionately blacks in the media it’s trendy?

  103. Anonymous Says:

    I totally agree with the author. Considering they make up only 13% of our population, they are extremely over-represented in commercials. And the commercials also put them in highly unrealistic roles, such as living in upscale white neighborhoods and black families mingling with white families. This couldn’t be further from the truth of the matter.

  104. Sociology Professior Says:

    It’s fear and pitty – no more no less

  105. mbvann Says:

    No they ( the advertising industry) are trying to prove they are not racist, uneducated Trump supporters. Is it not racist to have all black commercials? Do you prove you are not racist by being racist?

  106. Anonymous Says:

    So please, use you economic “hammer” to pummel the companies that depict the Caucasian as buffoons, moron like, as idiots, and put that financial horsepower elsewhere. These companies deserve to fail, quicker the better. They are engaging in folding to minority based special interest on the basis that white folk have no protection and can’t collectively harm them. I now am in process of cutting my entertainment cord and have never been gullible to react to television advertisement. I dispise television advertisers for barging into my time for entertainment.

  107. CNN Supervisor Says:

    As my CNN co-workers and I cater toward, and uproar, you blacks, we embolden and embrace your tensions and viewership, towards us, respectively.

    Keep it up, ‘cuz you make us look good!

    Sorry that we here at CNN forgot to ask a few things:

    1. Where were all you — our non-viewers — (conservative persons) after last week’s elections results?;…

    2. Two Democrat-Runners re-took their seats, and not even one instance of burning-of-property, crying-and-fussing, and fist-fighting is out and about?; and…

    3. How come I, Top-Dog of CNN, can walk safely upon the streets of Atlanta, GA, and yet you conservative media personnel need a watchdog?

  108. Anonymous Says:

    Wow,and I love it. A reposed cardigarian has arose to proverbially, “rub my nose in it”. Your falseness is thinly veiled, and is obvious to the viewing public. Yourself, you have exposed as a bagger of carpets, so appropriately so.

  109. Quezebo Jones Says:

    There are a lot black people in TV ads but what I notice is they all dress, talk and look like white people. It appears the people that make these know they have to include black actors but the ads are primarily directed to white people.

  110. Val Blue Says:

    Whatever you call them eventually becomes offensive.. pro tip its not the terms that are offensive it is the blacks themselves that offend people. Niggggers, color’ds, negroes, blacks ,African Americans, people of color,etc etc. Different words to describe the same annoying pavement apes. Abraham Lincoln wanted to ship them all to Liberia. Fact. Everyone wishes he had!!! Think of the Paradise America would be without negroid.

  111. Lana Copenhagen-Landry Says:

    First of all I am a white woman 5’11” tall, blonde, very beautiful white skin and beautiful face (I love myself) and very proud to be 50% Spanish and 50% English and super proud of my ancestors and my thousands of years of our history. Let me know what you all think concerning this subject and please no bad words. I will title my concern like this.
    Rapers Of History: Black rich people pumping in millions of dollars to preserve African-American history; e.g. Michael Jordan donated 5 million. Just to name one. I guess this makes them walk taller and feel prideful.
    At the same time they are raping all the white history with fervor; Confederate flags, statues, white historical schoolsname changes to black people, attacking the Star Spangled banner and much more to come…..just wait and keep an eye on them. This is a nationwide movement. Beyonce brought Black Panther radicals on stage during an event. It is already getting out of hand.
    These rich blacks should pump in that money into their real motherland Africa to help relieve hunger and Ebola and many other diverse diseases there. They should pumpbin their millions of dollars to help all these thousands of blacks committing horrible and antisocial crimes in every city in the U.S. especially in the major cities.
    Wake up (white) America. God help us all to preserve our beautiful heritage and history.

  112. Anonymous Says:

    Before President Lincoln was killed, he was going to send all the AA;s back to Africa. I;m still for it.

  113. Cynthia Cox Says:

    I boycott companies which present bias against white people in the form of Negro superiority. I will first make a telephone or email the company then proceed to boycott. Have not purchased any item from Hanes in over 6 years due to the many cool black NBA star and puny white has been dude commercials they did. Hey if it isn’t racist-then reverse the races of the people in the commercials. Oh. Can’t do it? Well there’s the answer.

  114. Anonymous Says:

    I see all of the slack jawed racist violent immoral hateful uneducated liberals posting comments. Rest assured you are now irrelevant and will continue to be irrelevant.

  115. Mary Britton Says:

    You got one thing right; most Trump voters are not racist. They just want the USA to lose racism, immorality, gender confusion and the like. This newer, ‘richer’ generation largely consists of spoiled liberal babies that have grown up w/ minimal restrictions and a great lack of reality. Calling Trump prejudice and every other low-life name they can think of, doesn’t make it true and is a direct result of these entitled children
    finally not getting their way. We are seeing a giant temper tantrum that appears unending. Trump is doing a
    great job despite this loud mouthed group of brats. I’ve never been so completely disgusted w/ liberals; especially the rich, high profile ones, like Hollywood. I will continue to completely boycott all of those outspoken, idiotic people until they learn who pays their wages and grow up a bit. I am not prejudice, but I am unimpressed w/ these companies that are jumping on the bandwagon and filling their commercials w/ black peoples in an attempt to make money. Commercials should certainly reflect the actual percentages of the population

  116. gd Says:

    the first reply to this article slams the guy for using the word black,but then is quiet happy to label people as white!! lets get it straight-if you think it is ok to call people white it is ok for people to use the word black. or are you being racist towards white people?

  117. RichSal72 Says:

    I have noticed the same. My assumption would be that commercials that do not include black actors offend black people. Whereas black actors in commercials do not tend to offend white people. More to the point, this furthers your argument regarding healing racial relations. But specifically, I wanted to comment on the gibberish I read below your article. This so-called “white privilege” nonsense. I am white. I was raised in a bad neighborhood with a brother in prison, another addicted to crack and a single mother too overwhelmed to consider having a job and thus on food stamps and subsidized housing. Sound familiar? What privilege did my siblings and I have in this scenario? Further, my great grandparents came to this country, along with 2/3 of the other population work as rag pickers and a welder’s apprentice. They saved, bought a grocery store and served their community for 40 years, retiring comfortably. If they had chosen to stay rag pickers and menial laborer, they would have the same argument as he presents. The nauseating political correctness of this gentleman’s comments does indeed reflect some form of privilege. I’ll give them that. But there’s a difference between being “privileged” and “white privilege”, the latter being overtly racist.

    The truth is, caucasians aren’t marching in the streets behind their favorite Rev. to argue the fact that black actors are disproportionately represented in commercials. That’s a good thing. It means we as a society are making strides toward equality, and despite Gutter Soul’s comments. We are in an accelerated era of racial equality. That doesnt mean income equality, education equality, judicial equality.
    Poor kids without a father raised around drugs and other poor kids without a father beget poverty. Not racism, results are the same in impoverished white neighborhoods, look it up. Any effects of lingering racism is dwarfed by the culture of children growing up around drugs and without fathers.

    *Pardon the many type-os. I attended a poor performing public school….

  118. Edward Says:

    YES I noticed this also all the sudden every commercial has black people in it . It looks completely unnatural and fake .

  119. Fuck you Says:

    100% liberal bullshit!

  120. Pat Says:

    I’M 72 years old and just sick of the racial thing. I think the over representation of the race in commercials make me angry. It causes me to dislike the blacks because of the way they are being shoved down our throats. Every year the nomenclature changes for this race and who can keep up with that BS so we don’t offend them. Boo hoo.

  121. Chris Davidson Says:

    It’s completely unrealistic and does not correctly represent the current national demographic period !! These companies and advertisers are actually racist and doing this.

  122. Craig Says:


  123. Eddy Tom Says:

    If you really watch ads on TV you will see 99% of the time if there is an Asian woman the previous or very next image will be of a black man. Why is this because commercials are highly edited and not by chance.

  124. Anonymous Says:

    Well black man only wants white woman? What do the beautiful black women feel about this?

  125. Gina Bellacosa-Pizzeria Says:

    I am just amazed that all these black, negroid NFL players do not go to the major cities and ask all the blacks, black youths and any black they may encounter to stop shooting at anything that moves. Black on black crime is at its highest ever and black on white rape crimes is at it highest ever. Why don’t these NFL players who have millions upon millions of dollars amassed and congregated together start a program to rehab this ape – like, Neanderthral Behavior. Go ask these kids when you are at the podium to stop shooting, doing drive-bys or raping anything that moves that is white. These are ape creatures. They belong in prisons, in the jungles of Africa or dead. I cannot say I blame the police that shoot first and ask questions later. To all the NFL players, if you really care about the black race, get all your amassed money with at least 100 NFL players and go to Every major city and start speaking to the black youth from the podiums. Otherwise being trapped in their black African skin will be their major downfall if you did not speak up for them. While you are at it, take along that trailer park trash Mariah something. Maybe she can sing a lullaby, a black lullaby, and that may soothe the Apes, at least for a while.


  126. CW42 Says:

    I think you are wrong about lower income white people not wanting to see images of middle class black people. This is exactly what people want to see–Americans of every color and description behaving civilly in true melting pot fashion, not embracing the negative stereotypes of any race. What they tire of is being told that they must press their cold, dirty faces to the window and look in on the level of coolness that they can never hope to obtain because they are too pale. They are told that they are supposed to revere all cultures as beautiful, but they are vilified if they choose to do anything that might be perceived as emulating them in any way. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery–unless you are not a person of color, and then, for some reason it is insulting. Remember when it was an acceptable insult to call someone a girl, implying that females are inferior? It is now socially acceptable to use the word white as an insult. Actually, they’ve doubled down, and “basic white girl” is the insult of the day. Is it all about acting out some revenge fantasy against any possible descendant of people who are not even alive anymore? How can people who claim to seek equality “mean girl” everyone with low pigmentation and still claim the high ground?

  127. James Gentilia Says:

    Doesn’t anybody get why things are the way they are ? OMG. Wake up!! The reason why blacks are over-represented in the media is the idea of acceptance of the blacks and to keep the other minorities down by not showing them in the media. You mean to tell me that other races are not into entertainment, give me a break. Minus African Americans, there is the remaining 87 % of the population. If they were to include the remaining population in the media, there would be more acceptance of all races and the more exposure of different ethnic groups in the media, the more likely there would be acceptance of the other ethnicities and things would have to change. For the people, by the people. The government knows this. The establishment wants segregation of all races for control purposes so what do they do, they only show African Americans in the media. It’s
    the diversion effect. They know if there were to be the acceptance in the media of all races and ethnicities, they would have a fight on their hands and things would have to change. They want to keep the control, so they separate everybody !!

  128. Chris Davidson Says:

    you are wrong Blackness is not related to coolness or hipness…… and the percentage of blacks on these commercials is way out of line with the percentage of blacks in the country the advertisers have no clue and are dividing America not bringing it together

  129. Anonymous Says:

    this is the reason i don’t watch much tv anymore, all the blacks in commercials, who wants to watch bet channel during every commercial break?

  130. Anonymous Says:

    You paint a broad brush that Trump supporters are uneducated. It’s quite stereotypical.

  131. Kimberly Wellington Says:

    Have you ever seen those old black and white movies about Tarzan from the 1930s 1940s? Well the African tribes that dance there around the fire resemble so much that hip hop and the rap dances everybody in the u.s. is dancing. To put all this under control and all the black crime in this country, we need to call Tarzan and when he gets here he needs to do that scream and say hangawa and all the black Savages will all settle down and go to sleep. We need Tarzan to control all these truck loads and truck loads off black masses running around shooting people, raping people, robbing people, and just being plain black. Their own skin is their own person.

  132. Little Willy Says:

    Back to the TV ads:
    Due to the rumoured , high costs of advertising, it needs to be cost effective. This would involve briefings and meetings between the companies and the advertising executives. With meticulous planning and story boards etc. etc.. So, who is it that suggests that black actors would be the best for the job ??
    I can’t vouch for the US, but here in the UK it seems to be taboo to feature British people in British adverts. Why are they so afraid to use white British people ?? How sad.
    Can we petition advertising authorities to say how the way adverts have gone offends the British white people ?

  133. PJ Says:

    Overrepresentation… plain and simple.
    A pathetic attempt to pander to blacks. Some advertisements are so unrealistic, it’s laughable. Others just push boundaries to make a political statement. Blacks make up 12 to 14 percent of the population… They shouldn’t be in 70 percent of TV advertisements.

    I’m not white by the way.

  134. Max Blood Says:

    its really pissing me off!!! getting sick of seeing all my fav drinks and shows chimping out now.. hearing fucking x mas songs all niggerfide up now it makes me sick.. watching these fucking ppl flop around on stage as they butcher everything

    or they show mixed race and its always a white female with a black chimp and a checkerboard for a kid..

    what i find really funny is if whites have to go through all this for just 300 or less years of slavery then why are whites getting such backlash for how they treat/view muslims? whites were slaves to muslims for over 1k years till we started the crusades.. blackes are slaves to muslims for over 1.4k years to this very day but you hear nothing from them and muslims are rich! lots of money they can try to wring out of the muslims like they try to do to us whites cuz they are too stupid to work or learn anything.

  135. Truth Says:

    Hey all, I’m not smartest man in this world, but, it does offend me when such an under qualified collection of idiots, known as media, entertainment industry, commercial advertisers have folded to black special interest groups, aka NAACP, black lives matter, urban league to show blacks in a positive or authorative lite, being that above of also shown caucasions. This is meant to frame thought of veiwer at any cost. And this message is calculated and formulated by a bunch of media based embosoles. That, I find repulsive. Not to mention every opportunity taken to mix black males with white females, just to soften how despicable that premise is by simplistic ally thinking that through repeatedly displaying it, through frequency, it will appear somehow,more acceptable. Also, I have taken proffesional sports off my tv completely due to the glamorizations of blacks they intend to glorify. Bottom line is do not patronize advertisers, companies that make Caucasians appear like buffoons and idiots, while glamorizing blacks.

  136. Randy Jorgensen Says:

    Of course you clowns are going to blame Trump for everything now days.
    The thing I want to know is how much more do we have to baby blacks.
    All this is doing is making people more racist and is only dividing American.

  137. SK Says:

    Television crime dramas almost always portray judges and the ranking police officer as black women. Commercials inevitably portray the “typical” American family as being bi-racial. I must be the only white guy left not married to a black woman. The pandering in the advertisement and entertainment industries is sickening.

  138. Little Willy Says:

    Yes the liberals won’t be happy until all families are mixed race and and have fuzzy-wuzzy kids

  139. David Johnson Says:

    The UK is not a multi cultural, multi lingual country we are predominantly white, Christian and certainly English speaking, so why is this not enforced – OR IS OUR GOVERNMENT SO WEAK AS TO TRY TO MAKE US BELIEVE OTHERWISE.

  140. Randy Jorgensen Says:

    This is the Democratic left-wing way of division.
    You see they pretend to be for the black race
    while they are the racist against the black race and they would love to to see an all out war that would end the black race in America.

  141. Concerned Patriot from Texas Says:

    Thank God for this webpage, I thought I was losing my mind. I was speaking to my mother the other day about this, telling her how I thought it was crazy to see so many black people in roles you don’t see them in. She said I was racist. I am not. I don’t care what color you are, but tv ads should represent the country’s demographic. I feel like racial diversity is being crammed down our throats. I think skin color is irrelevant, just like hair color or eye color. I feel culture is important, and values are paramount. I think diversity of thought is perfectly fine, and valued, but diversity of culture and values is a fucking terrible thing. We need to all value Conservative American values, and not this victimhood liberal BS. I am an educated 35yo Hispanic Male, married and we have a baby on the way. We both came from poor families, but intact and full of love. Our parents were just bad with money. We make well over $200k annually and are engaged in over 400hrs of volunteering in our community. The amount of people we meet who feel wrongfully victimized is staggering. Pick yourself up and make something of yourself. Also, I hope the advertisers quit pandering to blacks, I don’t even watch tv anymore because of it. I only turn it on when my amazing President Donald J. Trump speaks to the nation.

  142. Veeble Feester Says:

    I worked marketing for years. Here’s why blacks are over-represented:

    1) Years ago, black groups started tracking how few blacks were in commercials and how they were being portrayed. Nobody wants to be on their sh!t list.

    2) Contrary to what everyone tells you, white racists are actually quite rare. White people generally don’t care if there are lots of blacks in ads – you’re a racist just for noticing, right? So they generally don’t say anything. Blacks DO care if there are a lot of whites in ads, and will let your clients (the companies commissioning the ad) know. And they will let them know often. And, again, no one wants to be on that list.

    3) Well dressed, well spoken blacks aren’t “threatening” to whites, so the client can be “inclusive” yet safe. That’s why every black in a commercial (especially a Christmas car commercial) wears a sweater, drives a luxury vehicle, has an intact family (including grandparents), has a golden retriever, and/or lives in a mansion right off the cover of Architectural Digest, even tho that’s literally about 0.001% of blacks in this country. The only “real” blacks (I’m talking about the majority here) you’ll see on TV are on Maury, Jerry Springer, and Cops.

    Personal observation here: If you just landed on this planet and everything you knew you learned from TV, you’d think blacks were 75% of the population, had 90% of the wealth, and held every respectable position (judge, lawyer, doctor, etc.). You’d think whites were a tiny minority but were all criminals and morons, especially white males who are usually balding. I always found this odd because the primary complaint of those blacks who are tracking commercials (see #1 above) is “no one on TV looks like me.” But those 0.001% do???

    Pandering is fun. And it paid for my mortgage!

  143. Anonymous Says:

    When the HELL in all your life did you ever see a fucking NIGGER in a MACY’S ad or commerical

  144. B Says:

    All race related issues have been about money in this country. ALL. It will never change as logic cannot prevail.

  145. Ryder Briggs Says:

    Fuckin AWESOME! Congratulations on capitalizing on a silly agenda to some how create a false sense of equality, I’m sure there will be more lists made that accomplish absolutely nothing and I am going to keep my eyes open to see if I can do the same.

  146. Shron sabo Says:

    This has nothing to do with president trump. All of you millenials need to have respect for your country and who is running it. Black people are off the charts more racist then any normal respectful white person. They exspext to have everything handed to them and always play the race card. It starts at home. Raise your children to be hard working responsible respectful and kind people, but they dont know how to do that and never will

  147. Dan 2 Says:

    In Canada, blacks make up 2.5% of the population. However you would never know it by watching TV.

    It’s so ridiculous how they are portrayed front and center as if it is reality. Any negative message is always slanted towards a white person while a black is made out to be smarter or wiser in some way.

    Racism paid by the taxpayer to subsidize advertising to portray a fake message.
    It’s absolutely criminal to insult the average Canadian with this social engineering crap.

    What exactly is the left hoping to accomplish here?

    Before you left wing nut jobs start calling racism how about a better representation of Asians, Natives, or other minorities that have a greater percentage of the population? Where the he’ll is that?

    What’s the love affair with blacks all about?

    I bet that the bureaucrats that watch over this unnecessary BS have a very vested interest in the process.

    An insult to all Candians including black folks that do not need phoney agendas to secure their place in this society.

  148. Kent Henderson Says:

    In the United States, blacks comprise approximately thirteen percent of the population, yet they account for forty percent of incarcerations.
    Why do T.V. commercials sponsoring home security devices only cast white actors as perpetrators. .

  149. cartlidge Says:

    I may be way off, but the last time I checked on Google, the
    Negro or Black population of the USA was almost a third.
    Out of a population of approximately 300 million, the Negro’s
    accounted for 100 million. A whole lot more than the 13 percent
    everyone keeps quoting???? It’s bad enough with the ads, but I really get pissed-off with all the additional negroes they are putting
    in new series and old series shows that I watch. My solution is
    to cancel my TV subscription and hope millions of white folk do the

  150. RichSal72 Says:

    You are wrong. It’s 13%…that’s an 1/8th

  151. cartlidge Says:

    Sorry about that Rich, you are correct. Where I got those figures from is a mystery to me now??

  152. Mark W. Manning Says:

    Plain and simple colored humans are way over-represented in movies, TV shows and commercials. It’s cultural Marxism being foisted upon the American people whether they like it or not. Multiculturalism will eventually lead to a Civil War and balcanizing the United States. Different races of people cannot be forced together without causing tension no matter what these sociological exsquirts say. Typical insane liberals sitting on their high horse looking down at the great unwashed with hubris dripping from they’re pores in giant drops. Their grand plan of Utopia will fail just like their political correctness will eventually come crashing to the ground. The sooner the

  153. Mark W. Manning Says:

    The niggers are scum. That’s about 80 percent of they’re American population. The other blacks are normal people who hate niggers too. 14 percent of the population translates to about 40 million. Give or take. They make up more then 55 percent of all murderers, rapists, and armed robbers.. In contrast white people make up about 70 percent of the population including white Hispanics who consider themselves white. That’s approximately 197 million. We need to rise up and teach these shitskins a permanent lesson.

  154. heidi braum Says:

    Here in Germany we have it right. White people only because our country is majority white. That is how it should be. If you wish to see monkeys, then go visit a zoo!

  155. mbvann Says:

    There you go Mr and Mrs Bigot! Calling all Trump supporters un-educated. What idiots you are! Do you not know why people voted for Trump and not the serial liar/ con artist?

  156. jean Says:

    definitely white liberals kiss negroes asses and I am getting tired of ugly negroes on commercials and we need our own white channel as every race seems to have their own on shitty liberal tv that we have to pay for.

  157. Anonymous Says:

    This is a bullshit article. Less educated whites and trump in the same paragraph…thats racist right there.

    There is more blacks in commercials these day. Its stupid how they pair up people with each other these days. Personally it makes me less likely to buy the products.

  158. Donna Says:

    I have also noticed that commercials are favoring african americans since Obama was in office.Too many i say.Weve gone to far

  159. gerry c Says:

    The reason, I think, is because we are afraid of the violet section of the Negro population. If we retaliated when they start riots instead of hiding in our houses, ’till they get they’re way, maybe a lot of the violence would eventually end. At the moment, we are allowing 13% of the population to dictate policies and values that are not conducive to a healthy and happy nation. And then there is the welfare system that allows indiscriminate birthrates to individuals who can’t even support themselves. Who needs to work if you have
    multiple children at $600 a month per child, free medical, dental, low-income housing, food stamps, etc. My point is, birth control should be mandatory for anyone on welfare, which includes all races. We need to make changes before a race war erupts which would no doubt please the violent portion of our population, to the detriment of us all.

  160. Vincent Dapp Says:

    Read between the lines

  161. Raymond Lakner Says:

    Maybe ethnic groups spend their money differently. Advertisers concentrate on what works and they spend their money dearly. Since when have advertisers ever cared about what is real or true? If it did not result in a better ROI they would have stopped the practice a while ago.

    This question about why this and that about ethnic representation in advertisements is no different than asking “Why do advertisers show the same commercials over and over and over again?” The advertisers know we don’t like it seeing the same ads every 12-14 minutes, but if it wasn’t a proven way to make more money for their clients they wouldn’t do it.

    I conclude that the answer to this question is “Because it works.”

  162. Paper chaser Says:

    Perhaps it has to do with the over sensitive marketing companies not wanting to seem associated with the current liberal platform of President Trump being a racist. There is an overwhelming sense to disassociate oneself from the current administration, causing these companies to overcompensate and seem extreme at times. The liberal media is fanning the flames, while marketing companies are capitalizing on the sensationalism……from a purely business standpoint.

  163. Anonymous Says:

    Blacks suck

  164. Mattias Says:

    To program your subconscious to accept other ethnicities and their physical traits. There’s an agenda to force-mix population throughout the West. America and Europe. One ceavat. Overhere in The Netherlands where I live. It is very clear ‘they’ only have ahidden policy to push blacks into the spotlights. Other minorities are wilfully left behind. Like asians. And in rare occasions asians do get some attention. It is bad Koreans or some asian-female. This clearly shows intentful setup and a hidden agenda. Not random coincidence.

  165. rigamortice Says:

    avoid buying from companies who put blacks in adverts, its the only way to stop it

  166. Amber Says:

    Trump supporters are the cream of the crop in education and intelligence. Get your facts straight moron.

  167. Anonymous Says:

    every one is a person of color. Nobody is invisible.

  168. Education is Key Says:

    I am curious where you are getting your statistics; if its not too much trouble do you mind sharing the research article that found the data?
    I will say this to you. Advertisers are hired by businesses who aim for a specific demographic, therefore if it upsets you that business are not looking for your money particularly then maybe you should write a letter to them. Also the reason that black people are not driving a subaru is the specific reason why Subaru wants their business and thus focuses on marketing them.

    I will say this to people who believe that white people make the country go round, and a small number of black people feed off the government.

    Your ancestors went on boats and traveled months to a foreign land to abduct these black people from their homes and forced them into your homes. They build your building and your economy free of charge and you enslaved their children. Raped their women to create more labor and raped those children’s children. You gave them new names and made them forget where they came from because it was more efficient for your businesses. Made sure that they knew America was not their home. You fought a great war to keep it that way.
    Since the day Black people gained their freedom they have worked hard just as they have always done from the moment they arrived on this land hands and feet tied. Look up your statistics on welfare, white people use welfare much more than black people do. Africans earn the highest amount of PHD and masters than any other race/ethnicity in America.
    They came into this country with nothing and they crawled their way to the top which rarely change anything because you say they did not deserve it.
    Have you been to nursing homes? who cares for your elderly? have you looked that up? who cleans after you in the hotels? who works in your strawberry farm? who built your rail roads? Minorities did.

    From the moment white people landed on this country they have chosen shortcuts. Stealing land from the Native Americans, mass killing them, Stealing human beings from their land, forcing them into labor. Americans? what makes an american? Skin color? then that should be brown, race? that should be Native American. Fact is Citizenship is what makes a person American.

    Lets talk about the NFL shall we?
    Maybe have we considered that a team recruits an athlete for their ATHLETIC ABILITY and thus would want them to create a good team that will win them trophies and money? hast that ever occurred to you?

  169. Anonymous Says:

    lol education is key you are you delusional or just trolling?

  170. Joe Bookre Says:

    i call them jiggy jiggs.

  171. Joe Bookre Says:

    Apes like “Education is Key” mislead the other apes into thinking they are something special, when in reality they are only stinky jiggy jiggs.

  172. clap Says:

    To all of the uppity niggers in the comments,

    How about thanking the white man for everything he has done for you. Once us whites are gone, the Chinese will be running the show, and they will not tolerate your antics.

  173. Shari Disalvo Says:

    I will tell you what. I made the mistake of moving to St Louis and working in North County…. All black… I was discriminated every day by blacks
    because I am white, dressed nicely and didn’t talk ghetto. Then the shooting happened in Ferguson (which is in North County) All hell broke loose! And the crap was coming into South County… I had to leave there because I just couldn’t take it anymore. The nigs were shutting down major highways for hours! Just because a black kid was shot and killed… But remember he robbed a convenience store… The blacks brushed that under the rug. They don’t take any responsibility for their actions. They always have an excuse and think they are owed something because of what happened generations ago! They say “only if we had nice places to live, we could make something of ourselves” So we give them affordable housing.. They say “only if we could get a good education, we could get our kids off the streets” We give them tuition assistance. The majority of them are racist against white people and no one ever talks about that! I lived there. I know! I WAS NOT racist before I moved there and now I am because I saw it day in and day out how they treated white people. I dare you to move there and see it first hand!

  174. Sephen Andrews Says:

    Maybe I should get a black and white television licence. Like the old days. Ha

  175. RonJon22 Says:

    I am sick of it, here in the USA, Black people are only about 13-17 percent of our population, yet they are in about 85 % of the commercials and the most recent that I have seen, have them speaking ebonics (using ghetto slang) and other incorrect ways of speaking. When is this going to stop? Even commercial narration and music is out of control with the use of Black people. Nothing against them, but lets have a fair representation of the population.

  176. RonJon22 Says:

    Media is trying to make urban and ghetto seem so cool, but it is not and most people do not realize that it is a totally different life style and culture. I am White and grew up in an area that had a large influx of Black people in the 80’s. Once as a kid, I was pocket checked by 2 older Black males that wanted to steal money from me. As a young adult, I was robbed at gunpoint by Black males at a gas station. In my chosen career, I go to ghettos or deal with people from the ghetto on a regular basis, I know exactly what goes on and me being robbed and pocket checked was just par for the course because of the way my city had changed. The ghetto life style is one that people who did not originally come from, should stay away from.

    To some of you females out there that think that the guy from the ghetto seems cool, think again. If you want a guy that screws anyone and everything he can, beats you, and may dally in drugs and other crime, then go for it. I have seen many times that some female who was raised in a middle class area in a functional family, so to speak, falls for a hood rat guy that she meets at a club, etc. and ends up in a relationship where she is beaten and cheated on etc.

  177. Jeanna Churchill Says:

    Hi All:

    I understand what is going on with blacks being over-represented. It is getting bad also in Europe. It is already out of hand. Like my daddy used to say, “you give them the keys to the house and they are going to take over the refrigerator, sleep on the sofas, take your bedroom, and kick you out eventually”. People are getting fed up already with that, I can see. I thought it was just a fad but for some reason these big companies are obsessed with over representing blacks. Now it is an session.

    White and proud of my heritage. Were it not for the white man or white culture, they would be in Africa living in huts and running away from the Lions.

  178. Jeanna Churchill Says:

    I hope this serves as a WARNING to all girls out there, especially the white girls.

    Marry a black man and you will suffer for the rest of your life. 95% of black men are horrible people and 5% are okay. They are among some of the stingiest people you will ever meet; some of my girlfriends kicked the black habit and turned white. Even some black girlfriends of mine cannot stand black men. They are either drug-infested, cheaters, rapists, gang members, ex-prisoners, and very violent and are just bad, black hearted people with a black soul. You cannot tame a beast or better said you cannot tame a gorilla. Be careful who you date out there girls. Be very selective and discriminatory. For your own good physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially. If you had kids with a black man, may God help you. Don’t believe me? Go to Washington DC, Atlanta Georgia, LA, Chicago, Dallas, and so many, many other cities that it should be a disgusting thing to let other nations see that.

    They will not work, no place for you to live with your kids, living under a bridge.

    Good luck, you will need it.

    And they will rob you and beat you for any money for the drug habit.

    God help You.

  179. Lana Winters Says:

    How come the blacks that came to this country have no history of their country having great empires or great societies ; even Mexico has a history of having great empires in the past. All blacks have is Martin Luther King to lean on, their slavery history and Huts, loin cloths, spears, ebola and lions from their motherland Africa. Do you want to hear something worse than their slavery? Look at the History Channel’s from National Geographic and look at World War II what happened and after World War II what happened; also read books. When you read that and see that, the Black History Month will look like a tea party. I challenge you to look at the National Geographic and read books also. Can you already eat, unless you’re too busy with gangs, stealing or dropping out in the 8th grade.

  180. banned for telling the truth Says:

    from a business standpoint, i noticed the black overrepresentation trend beginning in the late 90s. i surmised it was simply coopting and pandering to the unexpected rise of the hiphop culture, which was packaged and sold to urban youth as sort of a new black american dream, something they unsuccessfully tried to do with the cosby show in the 80s.

    in any case, it was ramped up to absurd degrees long before obama. in my observation, they’ve since moved on to the homosexual overrepresentation campaign we’re currently in the middle of, and we are now witnessing the genesis of a transexual overrepresentation campaign. the latter will be the most absurd and blatant of the lot given the actual numbers of the demo.

    it’s obviously an ongoing orchestrated progressive agenda, as industry wouldn’t bother with the time, effort, and capital outlay when the demos themselves are incapable of generating enough return to justify any of it. the exception to that rule would be one off pander campaigns, i.e. the marketing for films such as the passion of the christ (the religious dollar) and black panther (the black dollar).

    it’s all rather machiavellian in its implications and only serves to further confirm the notion that consumers are idiots. the sole issue from my perspective is whether the open market is facilitating these practices or partisan governments are compelling it via regulatory legislation. while that’s not truly possible to determine, the aroma of a rodent is definitely hanging in the air.

  181. Anonymous Says:

    What about Visigoths? We are never represented in TV ads.

  182. saltine american Says:

    idky these ppl get catered to sooo much.. they blame others for their problems and think demanding, destroying and being assholes will help the world’s views on seeing them as the crybaby race they are.

    boohoo we can’t make it so it’s the white mans fault. 13% of the total pop make up over 60% of the crime and over 35% total welfare recipients and have kid after kid after kid without any responsibility and expecting the world to take care of their lil drains on society and if we don’t its racist.

    they mess up white ivy league schools and others cuz its all white and completely destroy everything that school was and lowers it scores and then open up all black schools.. define yourselves as blacktors and blacktress and so on, defend criminals only because they are black and use it to truly act like the animals they are when they loot destroy and don’t have to work then attack ppl, think they can’t be racist to whites and act like a child throwing a tantrum about everything that doesnt go their way.

    if by some chance they do accomplish something it goes to their heads and think they are gods of it now and have to say black this and black that like they have to make sure the world doesnt look at them as the fuckups they really are. like when that blk girl won gold in swimming all the blacks acted like they have been doing it undefeated and now with this shit movie black panther out they think its real history.

    they haven’t built an enduring city in over 3k years and they expect us to believe the bs they spew??they stole egyptian culture when they sacked it and took over and ran it into the ground. now everything thing prior to that is their accomplishments as well lol..seems familiar with anything else they are doing?? look at south africa. blacks are kicking out whites and white genocide and are saying all that is their success and accomplishments

    look up all the bs blacks are trying to say they invented.. even think they got us into space hahahah. (yes blacks were apart of the calculations and such but only because they were cheaper to use and it says so on the site but they ignore that) it still would have been done just not as fast. removing all our history and so on and trying to change it to black bs. they don’t want equality, they want to stand in the spotlight and say they are number 1 and want nothing else.

  183. Anonymous Says:

    The terms blacks, white, people of color and colored are all derogatory and stupid.

  184. Ted Powers Says:

    Just saw a commercial with a black female doctor. Looked up stats. 2% of doctors are black females. So ridiculous. This inclusion excludes white males.

  185. Steven Says:

    It’s getting worse every day. I cannot count the number of mixed families I see in commercials, especially the white guy with a black wife/girlfriend and mixed kids. I can count on one hand the number of such couples I’ve ever seen in real life, yet they are everywhere on TV.

  186. Anonymous Says:

    Advertisers are Return On Investment creatures. For some reason, it must be working?

  187. Kath Says:

    I guess that I dont
    To buy products
    With black advertizers
    Seems to b based them
    So guess it’s not suited 4 me

  188. George Connectal Says:

    The most racist were the Obozoites because most uneducated blacks voted for him simply because he was black. This article says if you voted for Trump you are a racist. How come blacks are not deemed racist when they obviously voted for Obozo simply because he was black and voted overwhelmingly along racial lines. TV commercials now pander to blacks. TV shows now have mixing of the inferior black race mixing with the superior white and Asian races and we all know thats BS.

  189. Anonymous Says:

    Blacks are the real racists. Why is the black guy the go to guy in the movies and TV? Believe me I truly know the ugly aspects of the black culture. I hate that commercial where the black guy is trying to sell you car insurance. In my neighborhood they don’t have insurance at all. How about the single mom on welfare with a bunch of kids, since half the young black men are in jail or unemployed. Get real you fucking lily white madison avenue advertising people.

  190. Jed Smith Says:

    Direct tv or at&t show a white male. He stands there as a black female throws his belongings out a apartment window. Smashes his guitar
    (Which may denigrate white music). Symbolic
    In rejection of white culture. Way to go liberals
    Now United Shades of America is on. Hosted
    By a Afro to show how racist whites are. My
    Poor self esteem

  191. “Why so many blacks in ads?” And (((White))) sociology professor: It’s racist for whites to have mixed-race children – BIO-WARFARE | Locust blog Says:

    […] so many blacks in ads?” is one of those burning issues that I was totally oblivious to until Frank S. Robinson, no relation to the Hall of Fame outfielder, as far as I know, laid it out […]

  192. Best10 Says:

    An interesting discussion is worth comment. There’s no doubt that that you need to write more about this subject, it may not be a taboo matter but generally folks don’t speak about such topics. To the next! All the best!!Best10

  193. Dave Says:

    Well, I guess they just don’t have to wait in line like everybody else. Talk about discrimination obviously if there’s that many on TV all at once as it seems there there solely because of them being black. Just like the Family Feud show black team and a white team or Oriental. I guess they just can’t wait in line like everyone else.

  194. Shemp Cocktale Says:

    more blacks because the Progressives run the ad business. It is a media business like show biz, etc. The progressives are doing their bit for social engineering. Black judges, black engineers, black computer geeks, black consumers of all higher end products. We know the drill. It is all about PC and shaping perception and our thoughts. We see through it and by the way, Trump supporters are not any more racist than non-Trump supporters I’ll have you know.

  195. Shemp Cocktale Says:

    I have seen on the news, more than once, when a black kid gets accepted to 40 or more colleges, especially Ivy League schools. And we do know why. Maybe the kid is smart, but we also know that it is affirmative action. And it does not make the news when a non-black is excluded because of non-black skin color.

  196. Cassandra Picasso-Wolfgang Says:

    We are already boycotting all major businesses that are propagating an overabundance of blacks in TV commercials where in reality they are not really there buying but only in fictionalized commercials. What about Asians, Hispanics, Whites, Middle Easteners, etc. all buy products from the major businesses much more than blacks? Again, we are not buying from those businesses anymore. Make a list and you will know which ones I mean. I don’t want to list any names but they are major brands. Hit them in the pocketbook where it really hurts. Spread the word.

  197. Cassandra Picasso-Wolfgang Says:

    Why is it that gorgeous JJ Watt is the only athlete who raises money to help people in major crisis? Why are all those black athletes so darn stingy with their money? Is it because they want to hold on to it for the cars and their drugs and to buy prostitutes? Check it out.

  198. Troot Betold Says:

    one of the things that advertisers must do is break through the “clutter.” Every add has to compete with hundreds, perhaps thousands of other ads and media messages to get the attention of the consumer. So ads must stand out. Advertisers will do anything to stand out to make their ads memorable and noticeable. No doubt, the progressives in media have an agenda. I am not disputing that, however, there may be the reason of breaking through the clutter. A mixed race couple is more noticeable than a white couple or a black couple. A mixed race child, etc. Creating an unusual situation in an ad almost guarantees that the viewer will take notice of the ad even more than when the situation is traditional, mundane, etc. Remember the old adage, “sell the sizzle, not the steak.” In this case, perhaps the twist on race is the “sizzle?”

  199. Cassandra Picasso-Wolfgang Says:

    Wait until Ebola comes for them, which is their natural predator. Its around the corner. U.S. getting rid of the Hispanic true workers only to have them replaced by Ebola-ladened Africans. Get ready.

  200. Anonymous Says:

    Why do all Chinese women dye their hair blond?

  201. Frank Says:

    ‘Minorities’ always get the junk white people leave behind in search of greater affluence. Current over representation of black and mixed race people in TV ads is symptomatic of declining network TV viewership, mainly on the part of the white majority.

    Way back in the 1950s, having a TV was a sign of affluence. Now, TV has gone full circle to junk status.

  202. Susan Magnuson Says:

    Black people aren’t cool or anything else. Have you ever been in Watts or Compton? I have, and they predicate on each other. My parents and I drove into Dominguez to get my grandparents out when blacks burned down Compton during the riots. We were let in by the military. Then I used to get my lunch money and anything else I owned stolen from me on the bus to High School daily, or else they were going to beat me up. Because you know I owed them a living because they were slaves? Only people who haven’t lived near or with black people think they are “cool” it’s crazy!

  203. Johnsen Says:

    Way, way over represented. Every pool party; house party; get together etc, does NOT have a black there. AND most of them do not live like they are depicted.o

  204. Anonymous Says:

    I have also noticed that almost all game shows are now hosted by black emcees. And, more often than not, the contestants are black vs. white. I have never seen so many interracial couples in my life as in virtually all commercials. Why is this necessary?

  205. Edward Lomba Says:

    Is there a minimum of minorities that have to be in commercials due to the unions that represent the actors that work making commercials. I ask because there seems that every group of people in a commercial always has one black friend.

  206. Anonymous Says:

    I love the ads with the new huge home and two brand new cars showing in the garage. you would have to be a millionaire at minimum to have what is shown in the ad.

  207. Anonymous Says:

    Racist inbred knuckle draggers go fuck your mothers if you know who the bitch is that is.

  208. Nick mascioletti Says:

    If the black population of America is only 12 percent then we should only see as many in the advertisements but we are being over saturated with the black presents in every advertisement .we are also seeing most couples on the advertisements being a black with a white mixed relationship. Their is such a huge change in advertisements that the black mixed couples are being crammed down our throats and makes me want to puke. It has created such a distaste that even love between mixed races has become sickening to look at. All the phycology is not working it has a reverse effect on me.

  209. Troot Betold Says:

    it is everywhere. There is not a single company that does not feature black people in its ads. Furthermore, if there is any negative to be portrayed it is by a white person. For example, this morning there was an article in the New York Post about the fact the you only need to get 30% on the test to pass high school in New York. So they show a picture of a young WHITE girl struggling to take a test.

  210. Jeff Stryker Says:

    They put niggers in because if they don’t they will be sued

  211. Lester Z. Says:

    The absurdity of seeing blacks in every TV commercial can’t be ignored. Its so disingenuous and disgracegul. Nauseating. Dumb.

  212. Pepino the Italian mouse Says:

    They are 12% of the population, yet the are there in over 85% of all ads. Furthermore, every couple consists of one white spouse and one bi-racial (of black) spouse. Every group scene is integrated. This is the choice of the media executives that produced the commercials, yet, I can’t help but think that it is the result of a contentious environment where Social Justice Warriors could easily create trouble for a company or brand by accusing it of being racist by excluding blacks/minorities in their ads. This despite the fact that only a very small portion of a company’s customers are black.

  213. Dinky Doo Says:

    The black percentage of the UK population is NOT 13%+ as you so VERY ERRONEOUSLY state ! At the 2011 census, the percentage who are black of the total UK population was 3% THREE PERCENT.
    At July 2018, it might have risen to 4%. That is, one person out of every 25. That is VERY VERY far from the 13% you wrongly said !

  214. Anonymous Says:

    I thought 13% was for the US not the UK.

  215. Pepino the Italian mouse Says:

    Yes, it is 13% of the USA, not of the UK

  216. Anonymous Says:

    ….but you would have thought that it was 93% who are black based on the proportional representation that the depicting in advertising – very upsetting !!

  217. Weltraum Affe Says:

    Redheads are popular in commercials
    A 2014 report by Upstream Analysis found that 30 percent of the TV commercials that run during prime time prominently feature a redhead. At one point, CBS showcased a ginger every 106 seconds. That’s a lot of red when you consider they’re just 2 percent of the world’s population.

  218. Anonymous Says:

    Blonde, brunette, auburn, wonderful just so long as they’re not fuzzy wuzzy

  219. Douglas Murphy Says:

    Negroes are taking over…

  220. Bill Says:

    I really believe that this is all political correctness. These minorities have an inferiority complex and this is proven by how overrepresented they want to be in everything. My biggest problem with this is the fact that most of them refuse to adopt and respect American values and culture, instead they want to demonize it and change it to make them feel better. They are a lie and they are whiners. All the democrats and liberals in the television industry need to stop this, because they are not being fair and they are actually creating animosity among the races.

  221. Archie Bunker Says:

    niggers and Mexicans are ruining this country

  222. B Dumas Says:

    The liberal media is trying to kill off white males in commercials….its so obvious. Almost all commercials portray white men as foolish or in a submissive role to their dominant wife…..you don’t even see a man driving the car anymore.

  223. Roscoe Rogers Says:

    and every white woman has a black boyfriend. They are even trying to remove us from the bedroom

  224. Peter Says:

    We have the same nonsense here in the UK, blacks in EVERY single commercial. Usually with a white woman, a big lovely house. As mentioned, white men are portrayed as dumb. They recently showed a school in the north of England where practically every kid was white but as soon as they talk to the kids they go straight to the black one and make them out to be a wonderful example. It makes my blood boil that this is happening. Blacks are good at music and sport and NOTHING else, they ride on the backs of the white man.

  225. tony Says:

    Why is it that blacks in commercials are all portrayed as upper middle class, with brand new cars, beautiful homes, and do not speak with any inner city dialect. What fantasy world do the people who create these commercials live in ?

  226. Bob Says:

    It just seems like a pathetic attempt to pacify the very vocal and often complaining black groups.

  227. John Grogan Says:

    Blacks are 13.2% of our population, according to the latest census. However, blacks appear in 99% of tv ads. The reason is because the companies are PC, radical, liberals that care nothing about reality but falsification of reality. I never buy anything from a company that shows a black man and white woman as either married or in a relationship.

  228. Anonymous Says:


  229. Anonymous Says:

    another thing that I have noticed recently is that a very large percentage of men in ads have beards. A much larger percentage than in the general population. Why? I think that they are trying to appeal to the yuppie market, where facial hair is cool. And perhaps kissing up to Muslims. They have beards too.

  230. Karl Schneider Says:

    Every nominally educated person knows that in the animal kingdom different breeds of a species exhibit vastly different levels of intelligence, sociability, adaptation and ability even though they can interbreed and produce progeny…of sorts. Dogs are the most obvious and salient examples to us because of our long experience with them. The same kinds of differences are present in the various breeds of all species of animals including the human variety. Anyone who denies this is either an apologist for thugs, a liar, or an idiot.

    Apologists for thugs claim that the only difference between blacks and whites is the hue of their epidermis. If that’s true, something ELSE has to be responsible for the fact that ~14% of the population commits more than 70% of violent crimes. That’s the important point and strongly suggests genetic predisposition to sociopathy.

  231. Anonymous Says:

    Who knows, really.

  232. Joni Says:

    WAY over represented on “The Price is Right” and “Let’s Make A Deal” too! Unfair.

  233. Anonymous Says:

    It actually not the blacks, or the immigrants, or even your sexual freaks that are truly behind this.

    They are the mindless pawns in the game; they don’t possess the brain-power or the financial power to be the true driving force.

    It’s actually all part of the Jewish conspiracy – set out to destroy the Christian backbone of this country.

    They control the media, and they are behind the Rap music, the liberal-biased TV shows and movies, commercials, fake-news, basically everything.

    They are trying to brainwash our youth into following the SJW cult-religion and liberalism that undermine the core values that have been the cornerstone of this country since its inception.

    They are buying off our politicians, who end up selling their country in the name of blind greed. Under the guise of humanitarianism, they are watering down every aspect of our culture by helping the immigrants and other minorities reproduce – basically paying them more of our tax dollar welfare money for every piece of offspring they can create.

    Once we are outnumbered by the mindless lesser-evolved-beings, and the younger generation has been completely brainwashed, they will have won their prize – the thing that they set out to do two thousand years ago.

    So sure – go ahead and put more blacks, immigrants, lesbians, gays, whatever-the-heck-it-is, into the movies, TV shows, commercials, and any other type of media that you can. Go ahead and call me a racist and a hater when I state my own opinions – all the while you are screaming about your rights to voice your own.

    Go ahead and break the backbone of this country – and what will you have? A bunch of blacks, immigrants, and whatever-the-heck-else-they-are who all rely upon the government to pay them to live and reproduce. Watch them turn our country into a third world country. Go ahead and create your mindless masses who will follow you straight into the gates of Hell..

    see where you end up.

    * you want to coddle the immigrants and minorities? Let them live in your basement if you love them so much.. but keep them away from me.

  234. Weltraum Affe Says:

    If Blacks are “overly represented” in commercials (and they are) there is only one reasonable explanation. Madison avenue profits. In one word – money. I works. It is a successful way to sell stuff. If it didn’t bring in the bucks why else would they do it. Who knows why it works?. Do you think they would continue the practice it it hasn’t been proven, year after year, to be a path to profits? Everything is about profits. Why haven’t you figured that out yet?

  235. HalJ Says:

    You think blacks are over-represented in the US? In the UK, with a black (African descent) population of 2%, every ad, every TV show, every piece of media, includes at least one black person.
    By contrast, the larger Asian (Indian subcontinent) population are included infrequently.

  236. Arturo Fonboninni Says:

    and if you think that blacks are over-represented what about the inclusion of gays and lesbians in every ad campaign. Just can’t wait for them to start including transgender.

  237. Anonymous Says:

    There is an ad for an HIV preventive medication that is loaded with gays and transvestites.

  238. Seymour Kaddodles Says:

    it is amazing how many gay and or gender confused ads are being displayed. A local health insurance company displays signs showing two women sitting together on a sofa laughing, one of them pregnant. The health insurance ad says something about “expecting.” My bank has a picture on the home page of two ladies standing very close together on a sight-seeing excursion. OK, so maybe they are not gay, but why do they have to stand so close together. Click to the next page and two metro-sexual looking guys are playing soccer on the beach having a laughing, grand old time. Why do many gays??? Are gays to numerous that they have to be included in so many ads. What the heck is going on?

  239. Weltraum Affe Says:

    “What the heck is going on?”

    It’s really quite simple. It’s called niche marketing. If gays are X% of the population why not make your product/company appear to be gay-friendly? Including minority groups in in advertising must work or advertisers wouldn’t do it. They analyze the hell out of everything the do both before and after. It’s all about profits. If showing minorities in ads didn’t do more good than harm to their bottom line they would have stopped doing it immediately.

    The world is changing brother, but it’s still about money.

  240. Chris Says:

    I am so fed up with seeing a Black face staring at me during almost all TV ads that I now switch over the channel when adverts come on. This goes for two gay people kissing. It’s not right to use queers to sell a product. I’m not even going to use a capital g as it had spoiled a perfectly nice word. Now I never use it. I hate it when a group of people sit around a table in a commercial, and there almost always features a black kid who is shoved in their to appease the minority. Very soon, the indigenous White person will be the minority in our own country. Very sad and out of order that blacks should get preferential treatment on TV over Whites. Disgusting.

  241. Popo Says:

    I agree brother. I see it as politically motivated and prejudice towards others by doing so just based on color and this new age pooitically correct garbage. This country is mostly white , founded by whites and it seems these days that others(especially blacks) hate us for it. I say to them…” get over it.” They and the biased media need to stop being jealous, stop demonizing whites and our culture, and get some help for their inferiority complexes. More people that are proud ofvthe white culture and what it has accomplished need to stand up and stop just waiting for it to go away. There are a ton of things that other races benefit from the accomplishments of whites and its time that we should be able to stand up a vocalize our pride in our culture, especially since the other minorities seem to have been secretly hating us all these years and now see that its their time to speak out against us. Its crazy.

  242. Blanche White Says:

    It has gotten to the point where I am surprised (I ain’t kiddin’) to see straight white people in an add. And if you do see a white person it is usually some type of yuppie or hippie. He has a beard, no tie, etc.
    Or, there are many people using the product and one of them is white or straight. The media elite are sending us a message and that message is, “you are obsolete white people, you are going to disappear, just like we have marginalized you in advertisements, you will be marginalized in real life.”

  243. Popo Says:

    Amen. Youre so right and you need to keep speaking out and envourage so many others to speak out against the media and all this social political correctness crap by saying something in public when you see this taking place and more importantly by speaking out online and sending your message in the form of complaints to all these stations and companies.

  244. Weltraum Affe Says:

    You guys would never say anything like this if you were on television. You are too scared of the liberal media kicking your asses and broadcasting your names.

  245. Anonymous Says:

    No one would be allowed to even express these opinions on the air. You would be shouted down as a racist and a bigot regardless that it’s the truth.

  246. Popo Says:

    Your dumbass is wrong as usual. Its just such pc clowns like you that call it racist if there arent enough blacks or people of color on tv, as if it fucking matters. Its people like you that have inferiority complexes and make everything about race. I was just commenting on some of the apparent pc crap that has been going on for past few years in tv and in other instances. It seems racist to me to give another race of people benefits and special treatment based on false narratives and beliefs.

  247. Anonymous Says:

    I believe my comment was misunderstood. My intent was to point out that any comment in opposition to the PC BS would be shouted down. I was in no way disparaging you or your comment.

  248. Anonymous Says:

    Popo: How do you know that I’m not an unapologetic racist and a White supremacist? You don’t. So stop calling me names and acting so PC.

  249. Anonymous Says:

    Anonymous: I understand. The point that I failed to make is that I believe that most of those who post on this thread are probably afraid of the liberal media and the self-appointed PC police. They lack the mettle to make their opinions known other than anonymously or on a back page website. They are afraid of being shouted down. They fear the possibility of any sort of blowback whatsoever, no matter how trivial. They feel the risk is too great, the price may be too high They are the PA (Politically Ascared.) They want a surrogate to say and do what the fear to do for themselves, and they usually end up disappointed. So they whine…and they wait…and they get what they deserve.

  250. Anonymous Says:

    The above two posts were submitted by Weltraum Affe, not by Anonymous

  251. Anonymous Says:

    Fuck the niggers

  252. Marvin Mikel Says:

    I think we have reverse racism in America.I am sick and tired of listening to people complaining about being discrimination against them.The person that is the most discrimated against is a white male.He is the only person you can say anything you want to about him without any cry of racism.

  253. Mark Says:

    The reason why they put so many blacks in advertising is because they spend all their money or their food stamps and everything else they save no money saved for their children, grandchildren. That’s the reason and also big companies dont get called racist. Everything else you wrote is bullshit.

  254. Mark Says:

    Niggers dont even work they are lazy motherfuckers they cant even afford half the shit on TV. We can blame all this really on the Jews dividing America! People dont see it but the jews are trying to ruin this country after we built fucking Israel for them. They use the niggers to divide America bc that’s the only way they can.

  255. Peter Says:

    You are 100% correct Marvin Mikel, if you are a white, straight guy you should be ashamed of yourself according to our warped society.

  256. Joey Says:

    They are only 12% of the population in the United States but if you look at advertisements you would think they were 80% and they are never portrayed as they really are in real life.

  257. Popo Says:

    You are so right. This is democrats and liberals trying to shove pc crap down our throats instead of adopting classic, conservative , traditional american culture and values.

  258. Richard Guzman Says:

    This article and point of view is totally off base.

    There are too many black people in commercials, it makes me not want to buy or consider the items being advertised.

    It has nothing to do with racism, it has to do with the fact that advertisers are over catering to a specific racial group that does not buy the products that are being advertised.

  259. David Lyman Says:

    So help me understand. Supposedly the black population makes up 15% of America. Although I find that hard to believe, let’s Just pretend it’s 20%. So in theory I should see blacks 20% of the time. Correct? I’ll answer for you. Yes!

    So getting back to blacks in advertising. Why are they becoming the majority with black overtones and Ebonics which further influences a culture most people don’t favor. It’s not just white. Where are the Asians, Indians, Mexicans and anyone else who makes up the demographics? Simple answer, they are not the ones burning down cities and committing crimes for attention. Hence, we now have more black in commercials. That’s the simple fact.

  260. JEFF HALTOM Says:

    Any white woman that would let a nigger crawl on top of her,would let a dog do the same thing

  261. 'Dr. Douglas Weston-Kolarik Says:

    Addressing this issue is very important. Everyone in my social circle has definitely noticed the over-representation of blacks in commercials. It has gotten to the point of being offensive and degrading to white Americans.
    Basic Social Psychology teaches that we identify with people more like ourselves. It is how we build our self esteem.
    Theoretically, the more blacks who are shown representing a particular product the less likely the white majority will want to buy that product.

  262. Onga bonga Says:


  263. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t associate with any company that have blacks and whites as married or with half bred kids

  264. Arturo Fonboninni Says:

    They want you to think that whites are invisible. They are co.ditioning your mind to accept the inevitability of a world in whch whites are superfluous. After your mind has been conditioned to accept this then they what to
    open the borders and flood the country with people to make it look like the ads.

  265. grim reaper Says:

    sick of seeing the blatant attempt of advertising companies to promote black adverts and mixed race couples in adverts .. its not neccessary but they are simply over appeasing the black population in my opinion which i have a right to state. when the muslim community starts their campaign for muslims to be seen in adverts where will it all end ? perhaps no white people in adverts ????

  266. Phuk Yu Libz Says:

    Wow! How did you get into the heads of “less educated (than who, exactly? A four year degree holder in Feminist Studies?)” whites to know they were merely voting against minorities, who are taught by people like you to hate whites in general. The most racist elements in this country are NOT white. Just take a leisurely stroll around a barrio or housing project one night. Just tell ‘em you voted for the Obam and Fat Anks Clin-Ton! You “woke” fella ya!

    Also, I hope guts down there who thinks it is the protector of “people of color” and embraced calling itself a “racist” for benefitting from not being a violent POS thug, gets an especially painful case of rectal cancer. It deserves it for being a “thing of no color.”

  267. JewBehind ItAll Says:

    everyone is sick of blacks

  268. doug Says:

    I’m white English, Niggers make me feel physically sick, they are the ugliest retards around. They are everywhere on the adverts, every channel and nearly every advert. Niggers only buy fried chicken so why are they on every advert?
    There’s an old saying that goes…if it looks like shit, smells like shit, it must be shit, that’s a real description of niggers.
    In England, we are swamped by niggers, pakis and indians. England was a white Christian country, my birth certificate reads COE on it which means Church of England, so why has our own white government forced this bullshit on its own people?
    Why is it also only niggers, pakis and indians predominantly that move to white peoples countries??? ask yourselves that!
    White people don’t want to live in their countries or even mix with the stinky fuckers, so we shouldn’t have to put up with them in ours.
    This is the Kalergi plan in action.
    My genes are 96% English, 2% Scottish and 2% Irish. I noticed quite a few years ago that England and the whole UK was being overrun with foreigners, so i decided not to have children, i didn’t want my fantastic genes being mixed with fucking half breed chimps, as there is a good chance that our children will breed with the nigger retards and produce mongrels. This is all down to pathetic liberalism and social engineering. For a quarter of a century at least our Government have told our schools to only teach the liberal way.
    So brainwashing of our children has been in place for a long time.
    Now we have shit loads of nigger and paki muslims in our country too. They have bombed us and our children in our own country, there are countless muslim rape gangs that only rape white kids, mostly girls but boys too! It goes to court occasionally and the dirty inbred muslims are let off!!!
    Nearly every single doctor, dentist or hospital doctor or surgeon is a paki/indian, same thing to me. I can’t even get to see a white English doctor in my own country.
    I love Trump, as he’s a good man with common sense who is trying his hardest to protect his own people, make sure you get behind him guys.
    Last word on adverts, there is only one thing that we can all do, make notes of who are using all the niggers in the adverts and don’t buy their products, that’s what i have done.
    It was like the Hollywood snowflake actors who came out slagging Trump off, i made a note of them and never watched a single film with them in it again.

  269. Will Hankers Says:

    Never was there a truer word spoken – Well done Doug for telling it like it is

  270. Doris Atkins Says:

    I am not the person’s name on this comment. Someone put it there as a joke. As to blacks. The reason there is such a wide racial divide in the U.s. is because blacks are so violent. You never see whites rioting, burning and looting, and destroying public property. Only blacks do it.

  271. rationaloptimist Says:

    Charlottesville. A white supremacist deliberately drove his car into a group of counter-protesters, killing a woman. White Supremacist Dylan Roof went into a black church in South Carolina and shot nine worshippers. Over a century, literally thousands of innocent black people were lynched — murdered in the most brutal sadistic fashion by crowds of whites. In 1921, in Kansas City, mobs of white people rioted against blacks, killing at least 68 and destroying a large section of the city.
    You fucking moron.

  272. Terry Prechtel Says:

    I don’t buy from any company that shows interracial couples ( black and white) as all my friends do the same. We buy on amazon. Why do you think these companies are going out of business. No one likes that crap

  273. Reality Tom Says:

    Its brainwashing plain and simple. Get whites more willing to have their culture/race GENOCIDED. That is the plans of the Jews, who run all advertising. They have billions, they dont even care about profits at this point, its pushing the black, gay, illegals, agenda, 24/7/365.

  274. Black on WhiteCrime Says:

    But they will hype up the rare white on black attack OVER AND OVER AND OVER, sometimes for YEARS.

  275. GEA232 Says:

    I wish that people would stop using “reverse discrimination/fascism.” That is just ignorant. Discrimination and racism have a definition on their own outside of any race or group.

  276. TRUMP DAT Says:

    I agree, its pc bullcrap. These forums are all we NORMAL CONSERVATIVES have to speak out minds and put our opinions out there because the mainstream media channels are all one sided.

  277. Alex Says:

    these companies must figure out who is buying your product And represent them. To do otherwise will Eventually cost them business.

  278. Ken Sauer Says:

    People of COLOR!?? I’m German American. And I am a ” person
    of color “, too! WHITE is a color !

  279. Popo Says:

    Firstly, the thought or opinion of trump voters/supporters having to be less educated and racist is ridiculous to say the least. Anyone who says that or thinks that not having a college degree makes a person less intelligent or inferior, is a racist and bigot. Lets get the story straight…..trump gets votes from the REAL AMERICANS, not the new age progressive wimps who down our country every chance they get and whine about everything. This president was voted in fairly and has not gotten a fair shake at anything he wanted or attempted to get done so far in his term. His supporters are unfairly labeled and treated like crap publicly by all sore loser democrats and liberals , who seek to turn this country into their watered down weak version and they are mad cause us REAL AMERICANS wont stand by and let it happen. Heres a news flash for everyone reading this article…..TRUMPS GOING TO WIN AGAIN AND THESE HOMOSEXUAL LOVING, ANTI RELIGIOUS, LIBERTARIAN, SOCIALIST, MUSLIM ASS KISSING, LOW TESTOSTERONE , ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT LOVING, CLOWN ASS FOOLS ARE GOING TO BE IN SHOCK AGAIN! Know your role and shut your hole, cause you have awakened the beast in this country and now you will have to pay the price.

  280. royston Says:

    Why are we forced to have blacks forced down our throats by over representation on all adverts…

  281. Pete Says:

    I think they are trying to compensate for the hard life they have had at the hands of the terrible white man. I’d say they’ve over compensated significantly.

  282. Mick Says:

    Not just america, the uk too. Immigrants have taken over the uk. We have entire areas that are no go. That’s a fact. I worked the doors in some of these areas and had to go with stab proof vests. Then you see these adverts showing black and whites laughing and joking together which just isn’t true. The segregation is there and until the culture is the same across the world or country there will never be cohesion. As cultures do not mix.

  283. Anonymous Says:

    Obama had a Czar in his first term to put more AA in ads and it has went up from there. I’m seeing more AA, along with LBGT, and interracial couples in ads. I’d say it more like a solid 80% AA on channels I watch and that’s not including BET.

  284. Anonymous Says:

    To put whites off buying the product

  285. RedPillin2019 Says:

    2019. Uncommon to see an ad without a black face. And 7/10 it is male. Brainwashing.

  286. Jimmy Says:

    With mainstream media touting Trump supporters as racists, combined with advertising telling us older Americans thst we are bigots, it cannot endure long.

    Also, with the younger generation abhoring our rights to self defense, it will not end well.

  287. dchoda Says:

    Wake up white people. Boycott any product that pushes this interracial crap. The mulignans don’t have the numbers or capital to make any company successful. Let the companies know how disgusted you are with your wallet.

  288. Red white Says:

    Sick of seeing such false garbage They’re
    only 12% w/ 73% illegitimate violent kids.
    They’re only 1 out if 8 of us and 73% of their births are illegitimate!
    Just like animals.
    Stop this false narrative.
    Stop fearing Al the devil Sharpton.
    Start telling the truth about them.
    Quit being so afraid of them.

  289. Weltraum Affe Says:

    All you racist are to afraid to do anything except whine and cower behind your sofas. I don’t consider myself to be a racist but I will admit that I have prejudices. I don’t even have anything against racists. But I have no respect for crybabies and that is all I see for the most part on this thread, and I have been following it for awhile.
    You like to say nigger and other hateful things as long as you don’t have to face the blowback. You feel safe on the internet. You haven’t the nerve to take your case into the real world because you are so scared that someone might be mean to you. You might get fired or arrested. Boo hoo hoo. You won’t stand up for yourselves or beliefs because you might get hurt. The people you fear and hate walk all over because they have no fear of you. You will never make a difference. You are always crying that 13 percent of the population is getting too much attention. So who are the real monkeys? You are! Gays aren’t afraid to march in the streets. Neither are women. But you are! You are pathetic. I am a white male and served my country in the USN. If I was as afraid and as disgusted as you all seem to be I wouldn’t be sitting here watching the game with a beer in my hand. Life is pretty good…oh look, there is a black couple buying an SUV.

  290. Nigger R Dumbasses Says:


  291. O'neill Says:

    With me being white,and not racist,but a realist,and blacks being so evident in advertising,I tend not to buy the products that are so advertised!

  292. Ricardo Vasquez Says:

    The big question now days is why advertising agencies are getting away with pushing a black/white agenda. Try counting the number of tv commercials that make sure they feature a married couple where one of them are black, usually the man. I have no problems with blacks in commercials, but I do have a problem with advertising agencies trying to make the black/white seem normal. They push that as hard as they push the product itself. I boycot those products whenever I can.

  293. Cheryl Says:

    Its overkill. Way too many blacks on every commercial. This does not represent the majority of socirty. Im sick of it. Reverse descrinination.

  294. Anonymous Says:

    I have quit buying anything that has a black and white couple in it. It’s being forced down my throat

  295. Christopher Twardy Says:

    Niggers ruin everything because they are angry stupid violent apes. Don’t believe it? See what happens to your neighborhood when niggers start to move in. THIEVING, RAPING, MURDERMONKEYS. Fuck you niggerlover.

  296. Roofus Datariuos Jamal Nignog Says:

    NAACP= Niggers Are Always Causing Problems.
    2020 CIVIL WAR 2.0
    I love my niggers armed!
    What do you call a nigger up in a tree holding a briefcase? BRANCH MANAGER
    Stupid fucking niggers.
    Bring it on dumb nigger. Y t is tired of your shit.
    Stinky apes.

  297. Donna Says:

    Here’s my reply two years after this article. I’m SICK and TIRED of seeing commercials which feature either only blacks with big Afro hair OR commercials which feature interracial couples. News flash!! There aren’t that many interracial couples. Advertising is forcing this on us. I resent it. White people are still 66% of the population in this country but you’d never know it from the ads on television. And if it isn’t blacks it’s either Hispanics or middle eastern types. I’m sick of all the ass kissing extended to these minorities. My race, White, is no longer represented in commercials. And I’m angry about that.
    Stop kissing the asses of these “less than” minorities. It’s enough and White people are tired of it.

  298. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve had enough. I’m leaving America so you can all be politically correct without me.

  299. Weltraum Affe Says:

    Where you going? I can’t think of any country that’s anxious to have American expats. Especially if you want to live with mostly white people.

  300. None of your illegal immagrant business!! Says:

    Bottom line is, all caucasians, asians, chinese, blacks, mexicans, think alike, cry afoul and bully anyone you think do not sit right with your agenda’s or ideals, when everyone of you are here illegally and against OUR League of nations of PRE-America!

    My ancestors were and still are the original inhabitants of this country and with all right we are the oNLY ones JUSTIFIED to complain about what has befallen this land with all your commerce ialized garbage, the abuses that you have done by stealing and CONTAMINATING our lands, POISONING our crops, kidnapping and raping our women and children, sending clothing and blankets infected with disease, politically plotting against our elders and imprisoning out forefathers with fraudulent charges only to enable your own forefathers to cripple our nations and deceive our elders with honey contracts and forced us onto reservations with destroyed contaminated lands and raiding our villages, homes, communities and FORCING your languages onto our children!!

    So keep whining and bitching like the miserable ignorant dishonest phones that you and your ancestors have ALL proven to be throughout EVERY century that you have all trespassed and illegally built here WITHOUT authorization!!

    WE the people of Turtle Island hereby EVICT all of you and DEPORT you all back to your own country of origin where you can rape murder lie steal burglarize poison attack war and ravage each other on your own territories and LEAVE our beloved lands alone, NEVER to return or be imprisoned as you have done to our ancestors and forefathers who rightly governed this land justly and do not need you or your approval nor your opinions!!

    So this being say, you may all STFU and go back to your own countries where you BELONG!!

  301. Little Willy Says:

    I can tell from the tone of your posting, that after you watched the TV which featured so many blacks on it, that you were so incensed with rage, that you typed in to Google “Why so many blacks in adverts”?? that you landed here, as we all did.

  302. John Smith Says:

    What a stupid article to assume Trump supporters are white racists. No wonder racism is alive and well with crap written articles by a lackluster author.

  303. Richard Says:

    These blacks are getting away with murder.
    White folks are getting pissed off.
    These people need to understand something… DO WTF YOU’RE TOLD and never have a problem.

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